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Aston Villa had their ups and downs in the Premier League history and unfortunately we are currently looking at one of the worst season they had in recent years. After coach Martin O'Neill left the club they can't really get back to the same level they used to present. And this season they are struggling to avoid the relegation battle.

Such a poor form is really strange as they do have really great players basically on all positions. In goal they have Given and Guzan. Defense should be led by experienced Dunne and in midfield and attack it's even better with likes of Ireland, N'Zogbia, Bent, Benteke and Agbonlahor.

Currently it's Benteke who makes the best impression leading the scoring ranking for the club.


Aston Villa squad:

25 squad players
Player (Home Grown)

Agbonlahor, Gabriel (Yes)
Albrighton, Marc Kevin (Yes)
Bacuna, Leandro Jones Johan (No)
Baker, Nathan Luke (Yes)
N'Zogbia, Charles (Yes)
Bennett, Joseph (Yes)
Benteke, Christian (No)
Bowery, Jordan (Yes)
Clark, Ciaran (Yes)
Delph, Fabian (Yes)
El Ahmadi Aroussi, Karim (No)
Given, Shay John James (Yes)
Guzan, Bradley Edwin (No)
Jensen, Nicklaus Helenius (No)
Herd, Christopher (Yes)
Kozak, Libor (No)
Lowton, Matthew John (Yes)
Luna Rodriguez, Antonio Manuel (No)
Stevens, Enda (No)
Stieber, Andras (Yes)
Sylla, Yacouba (No)
Tonev, Aleksandar Antonov (No)
Vlaar, Ron Peter (No)
Weimann, Andreas (Yes)
Westwood, Ashley Roy (Yes)

Under-21 players (Contract and Scholars)
Abdo, Khalid
Bannister, Charlie Brendan Alec
Bateman, Liam Vere
Burke, Graham Dylan
Calder, Riccardo
Carruthers, Samir Badre
Cowans, Henry Gordon Mander
Crooks, Alfie
Dempsey, Robin
Donacien, Janoi
Drennan, Michael Joseph
Forth, Dylan Carl
Gardner, Gary
Graham, Jordan
Grant, Aidan Ryan
Grealish, Jack
Hill, Craig Dennis
Johnson, Daniel Anthony
Kinsella, Lewis
Lewis, Bradley
Lewis, Harry James
Lyden, Jordan
Lyons Foster, Kodi
McKirdy, Harry
O'Brien, Daniel William
Okore, Tetchi Jores Charlemagne U
Robinson, Callum Jack
Sellars, Jerell
Siegrist, Benjamin Kevin
Steer, Jed John
Strain, Ryan
Strain, Thomas James
Toner, Kevin Stephen
Watkins, Bradley
Webb, Joshua John
Wildin, Courtney James
Zazrivec, Tomas