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Premier League is definitely the most exciting league in the World. It has some of the finest players and clubs and maybe only Real Madrid and FC Barcelona can compete with them regularly. However winning the league title in England is surely the most difficult task especially since both Chelsea and Manchester City invested heavily in their teams.

Now one of the biggest coaches in football history Jose Mourinho is back in the league. Unfortunately probably even bigger personality – Sir Alex Ferguson – has left the league at the same time leaving United under David Moyes.

Some interesting changes made also on the transfer market. Probably the most notable move was made by Arsenal which signed Mesut Ozil from Real Madrid on the last day of transfer window. As usual Manchester City was active in the window adding a few new players in order to challenge for title again this season.

This makes it very interesting and maybe the most competitive season in years. So enjoy watching and betting on the English Premier League and follow us on PremierLeaguePress.com with the latest updates, transfer news, games previews and reports.

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