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Why You Should Consider Skrill for Premier League Betting

Established in 2001 under the name of Moneybookers, the company rebranded under Skrill in 2010 and was initially designed for the gaming industry. Since then, it’s evolved into a popular payment method, not only for online football betting but as an alternative to traditional banking methods.

The great thing about Skrill is how popular it’s becoming with online bookmakers in the UK, especially when looking at Premier League betting. The main reason for adopting this e-wallet as a banking method is the increased security of not providing a bank card information to the bookmakers. There’s more to Skrill than this, though, which is where our Skrill review comes into play.

Top Football Betting Sites That Accept Skrill

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The Best Premier League Betting Sites and Skrill

Even though Skrill is now well-established as an iGaming banking method, we’d like to see it be more popular with bookies. It really is a viable alternative to a traditional debit or credit card, so don’t look past it for the small hassle of registering an account.

As you can see, there’s a wide range of UK betting sites that you can use Skrill with, but some stand out from others. This is mainly due to some sites not allowing you to use Skrill for their welcome offers. We’ve got you covered on this, so have picked out a couple of the more popular UK betting sites that currently allow you to use Skrill with their sign-up bonuses.

Bank With Skrill at Betfair

It’s great news for you that Betfair accepts Skrill as one of its alternative banking options. Betfair is one of the world’s leading iGaming experts, while also possessing the world’s largest football betting exchange.

When registering with a bookie, the first thing you should look at is grabbing the welcome offer. There would’ve been a time when Betfair would prevent you from using Skrill to claim their offer, let alone using it to deposit altogether. At the time of writing — December ‘19 — you can claim the £100 free bet welcome offer when depositing with Skrill. Check on the promo code at the time you come to register an account — it’s currently ZBBC01.

Once you’ve deposited through Skrill, all you need to do is wait for your qualifying bets to settle at minimum odds of ½ (1.50). Your free bets will then be credited within 24 hours. The benefit of using Skrill with Betfair Sportsbook doesn’t end at the initial offer, though. It covers a vast range of football betting markets, not just for the Premier League.

Betfair Sportsbook sign up bonus for sports betting

Depositing Instantly With Skrill

Once you’ve registered your account with Skrill, you’re able to use the same account information at your chosen bookie. This makes depositing instant and efficient, avoiding the need to input your card details each time you register with a bookmaker. All you need to do is use the email address you used to register with Skrill, choose the amount you’d like to deposit, and you’re done.

Think of your Skrill account as the opportunity of having a holding account away from your regular banking account, avoiding the need to have funds locked up in a betting account. Although the major bookmakers will likely process deposits instantly, no matter your chosen banking method, Skrill makes the process much faster and flexible.

How It Works For Premier League Betting

To get registered with Skrill, it couldn’t be easier:

  1. Head to the Skrill site and hit the “register” button.
  2. Enter your personal information and accept the terms and conditions.
  3. Once you’ve verified your email address, you’re ready to rock.
  4. You then need to link a banking method. Skrill will ask you to confirm a microtransaction on your bank statement before you can continue. This may take up to 5 working days, so be aware of this.

Upon your account being fully registered, verified and a banking method attached, you then just upload your funds to your Skrill account. From here, you only need to use your Skrill email address to deposit into your bookie accounts.

Withdrawing to Your Skrill Account From the Top UK Betting Sites

The way Skrill’s designed makes withdrawing a painless process, although withdrawing from any bookie isn’t without delay. Note that this isn’t necessarily a Skrill problem but is a standard operating procedure for bookmakers.

Expect for your funds to be in your Skrill within a few business days. Although this can be frustrating, it’s not really avoidable, so we’re pleased to hear that Skrill’s processes don’t delay this timeframe any further.

Be aware that you won’t be able to withdraw winnings from a bookmaker to Skrill until you’ve successfully deposited through the same method. This is a safety procedure that the bookmakers implement to avoid identity theft.

Withdrawal Times for Popular Methods

Payment Method Min Deposit / Max Withdrawal Withdrawal Time
PayPal £10 / £10,000 12 hours
Visa Debit £10 / £50,000 3-5 Working Days
Skrill £10 / £10,000 12 Hours
Neteller £10 / £10 12 Hours
Bank Transfer £15 / N/A 3-7 days

Avoid Withdrawal Fees 

There’s no charge to withdraw from your bookmaker account to your Skrill account. However, be aware that, if you wish to then further withdraw from your Skrill account to your Skrill-attached payment method, fees are involved. At the time of writing, the cost of this is steep at 7.50% of the amount you wish to withdraw.

This is rather high, but there’s a way around this. Skrill currently offers a pre-paid MasterCard to its UK customers. This is an excellent solution due to how widely-accepted MasterCard is. Once you’ve withdrawn to your Skrill account, you can use this MasterCard to spend the funds in your Skrill wallet at popular online retailers and in shops worldwide.

The Skrill MasterCard is free to use, apart from:

  • Annual charge — €10.
  • ATM withdrawals — 1.75%.
  • Forex conversion — 3.99%.

Enhanced Security By Using Skrill for Football Betting in the UK

The great thing about using e-wallets such as Skrill is that you only need to provide your bank information to one entity when gaming online. Traditionally, you’d have to provide your debit or credit card with every single online bookie you bet with. It’s quite apparent to see how this can open you up to hacking and fraud.

Your online risk is instantly mitigated by using Skrill since you only need to deposit and withdraw using an email address. Although online bookies have top-notch security features implemented, it makes sense to reduce your exposure where possible.

With Skrill, even if a hacker does manage to gather your personal information, it’s encrypted using PCI-DSS, which is one of the most robust security methods that exist.

Peace of Mind With 2-Factor Authentication

If Skrill’s inherent security isn’t good enough, it’s also introduced 2-factor authentication — 2FA. This combines your Skrill account with a code that’s sent to your mobile phone when logging in. So, even if someone does hack your account through your email address, there’s not much they can do if they don’t have your mobile phone.

2FA is done through the Google Authenticator app, which is currently available for both Apple and Android users. It’s easy to set up and install, making it an excellent idea for Skrill bettors.

Regulated by the FCA

If you need extra peace of mind, Skrill Ltd is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority — FCA — in the UK. This means that the company has passed the FCA’s rigorous audits and complies with the requirements of protecting your funds, no matter the company’s financial situation. The safety and security measures would’ve also been scrutinised by the UK’s top regulator, adding to the comfort that your information and money are safe.

Further Benefits to Skrill for UK Customers

It’s easy to see why Skrill is fast becoming a popular alternative for bettors. When you add in these further benefits, we have a robust e-wallet on our hands.

Free for All UK Users

It is entirely free to register an account with Skrill. This immediately removes a barrier for UK football bettors. In a gaming world where we want to quickly create an account and get betting, the lack of a fee makes Skrill even more appealing.

Although it’s free to register an account, and deposit and withdraw to and from your Skrill account with a bookie, some fees do apply — more on this coming up.

VIP Programme for Dedicated Bettors

To get even more benefits from your Skrill account, you can qualify for its VIP programme. This isn’t handed out to every Tom, Dick, and Harry, though. The more your Skrill account is used, the more benefits you qualify for. The VIP levels are calculated quarterly based on the value of transactions going through your account:

  • Bronze — €6,000.
  • Silver — €15,000.
  • Gold — €45,000.
  • Diamond — €90,000.

It’s up to you whether you feel that it’s worth going for these qualification levels. If you’re using your Skrill account for betting, spending, and sending and receiving money anyway, you might find that you end up qualifying for these VIP benefits automatically:

  • Personal account manager.
  • Priority banking.
  • VIP customer service.
  • Reduced fees.

Great for Mobile Bettors

With there being a higher demand for us bettors to bet on-the-go, we need an option to quickly manage funds without hassle. With Skrill’s fully-functional app allowing you to do this, combined with only needing to remember one email address, Skrill is ideal for mobile bettors.

There’s no need to remember your debit or credit card information and security code when betting, nor do you have to have your physical wallet on you. Logging in, depositing, betting, withdrawing and validation with 2FA is all done through your mobile device.

Virtual Skrill Card as an Extra Payment Option

Once you’ve registered your regular Skrill account and have deposited some funds into it, you can register for a Skrill Virtual Prepaid MasterCard. This can only be used online — no physical card will be posted to you, so access is granted instantly. You’re provided with a 16-digit code as well as an expiry date and a CVV code.

So, wherever you see the MasterCard symbol at an online retailer, you can use your virtual card for shopping. This combines well with the physical MasterCard, both avoiding the fees for withdrawing from Skrill to a bank account.

Disadvantages to Using Skrill

Premier League Press is all about giving you the facts and providing a balanced view of the betting world. With that said, you should be aware of these below Skrill factors. While these may put some people off, we still feel that Skrill is a good choice as an alternative banking method for UK football betting.

Beware Of Fees for Depositing and Withdrawing

If you wish to get your winnings back into your bank account, you’re charged 7.5% for the privilege. You’re also charged 1% to deposit funds into your Skrill account from your bank or other banking providers, which includes the likes of Neteller, VISA and MasterCard.

We feel that this isn’t too bad, though, when you add in the ability to spend online and in-person using the two MasterCard options we discussed above. You can also transfer funds to an individual’s bank account within the EEA for free.

Other Fees to Be Informed

Skrill is transparent with its fees, which is great to see. At the time of writing, Skrill has a comprehensive fee schedule as follows:

  • Uploading to your Skrill account — 1%.
  • If the account isn’t used within 12 months — €5.
  • Buy and sell cryptocurrency fees — 0.5%–1.5%.

Not All UK Bookmakers Accept Skrill

We’ve featured many of the UK’s best betting sites that accept Skrill, but it’s a shame that not all of them do. Even those that do allow you to deposit with Skrill might disqualify you from claiming their welcome offers. This is sad news, yes, but there are more and more UK betting sites that accept Skrill. When we first started with online betting, hardly any did, so perhaps we’ll eventually see them all getting on the trend.

Pros and Cons for Customers Using Skrill


  • Some of the top bookies accept Skrill for welcome offers.
  • Designed for the gaming industry.
  • Deposits are instant.
  • Enhanced security — avoids the need to register banking information with multiple bookmakers.
  • Pre-paid cards offer a flexible spending solution.
  • Excellent for mobile betting.
  • VIP programme for regular customers.
  • Regulated by the FCA.


  • Potential delay in verification.
  • Can be restricted from some welcome offers and bookmakers.
  • Fees for depositing and withdrawing to and from the Skrill account.

Our Final View on Using Skrill for Premier League Football Betting

There’s no denying that Skrill is a reliable and trustworthy banking method for betting in the UK. Avoiding the risk and hassle of sharing bank information with more than one bookmaker combines well into a fast and easy option for mobile betting. When you add in the 2-factor authorisation and FCA regulation, you have an excellent and robust e-wallet option.

Sure, there are fees involved that don’t exist with regular debit card transactions. Still, with its industry-leading experience, instant deposits and peace of mind, we feel that Skrill is an excellent banking option for UK football betting.

Premier League Betting and Skrill — Frequently Asked Questions

⚡ Q: Is Skrill Safer Than Paypal?

A: PayPal works in a very similar manner. Since Skrill was designed to work with the betting world, many bettors prefer to use it over PayPal. Both are exceptionally safe banking methods.

✅ Q: How Can I Withdraw Money From Skrill?

A: Withdrawing from Skrill is easy. Once you’ve created your account, you need to hit the “withdraw” button once you’re logged in. You’ll need to register a bank account before you do this, though. Keep in mind this can take a few working days, so factor this in when expecting funds to show in your bank account.

⚽ Q: Is Skrill Good for Betting?

A: For over nearly 20 years, Skrill has evolved into a highly popular e-wallet for football betting in the UK. With instant deposits, fast withdrawals and high levels of security, Skrill is suitable for betting in the UK.