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PayPal Betting Sites in the UK – 2021

PayPal is a natural go-to option for most of us in our day-to-day lives, let alone for sports betting. It’s fast, free — to a point — and much safer than using a debit card. With more online betting sites in the UK accepting PayPal as a banking method, should you join in?

We think so, but you need to be aware of all the ins and outs of such an alternative payment method. This is especially the case when registering with a bookie and claiming their welcome bonus. 

The Top-Rated Football Betting Sites in the UK That Accept PayPal

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Betting with PayPal on Top Football Sites

We love how easy PayPal is to use and as such rate it as a great payment option. Since the internet and the banking world are so linked, safety is even more important. Solutions such as PayPal not only mitigate the risk of your personal information being stolen but allowed you to send and receive money simply through an email address! E-wallets have followed this trend, yet PayPal seems to stand out above the crowd with its simplicity and popularity.

If you’re looking to use PayPal with the best football betting sites in the UK, it is even easier. All you need to do is register for free. You will need to enter your personal information and link a bank account to your new PayPal account. Once you’re verified, you’re ready to start betting with PayPal.

Using PayPal for bet365’s Welcome Offer

bet365 is many sports bettors’ first bookie of choice. This is largely due to the huge amount of sports and markets it offers. When you combine its competitive football odds and how easy it is to place a bet with them, this makes for an attractive option for UK bettors.

The great news for PayPal users is that you can claim the current welcome bonus. This offers you up to £100 in bet credits. Something to be aware of is that you need to complete 365’s KYC — know your customer — questions and a postal verification code before you can qualify for this offer. The alternative is to get two forms of identity verified. From our experience, these procedures don’t take long, so if you’re adamant about using PayPal, this isn’t a massive hurdle.

Register With 888Sport Using PayPal

We’re fans of 888Sport for its worthwhile sign-up offer, competitive odds and huge range of football betting markets. If you’re looking to get involved in a slice of England’s Premier League betting pie, 888Sport is worth considering.

Many football betting sites in the UK restrict you to using a card when claiming welcome offers. 888Sport currently has no restrictions, allowing you to use the security of PayPal to register your account. This is great news since the current sign-up offer is a chance to get up to £30 back in cash if your first bet up to £30 wins.

On top of this, 888Sport has regular football bonuses, some of which are specific to Premier League betting. For example, it’s currently running its “Win Win” promotion. This offers an opportunity to get a £5 free bet every day if your minimum 4/1 (5.0) odds bet wins. And yes, you can use PayPal as a deposit method for this offer, too!

How Depositing Works With PayPal Betting Sites in the UK

PayPal differs slightly from other banking methods. You don’t need to deposit into PayPal to then deposit into your bookmaker account. This offers a flexible solution since sometimes it can be a hassle to deposit into an e-wallet to then have to deposit into a bookie account.

It will first try and take funds from your PayPal account. If that wallet is empty, it will take the funds from your linked bank account. Only if you have one linked of course. This is both good and bad! It’s good since your bank account acts as a backup. Meaning, if your PayPal is empty, you can still deposit immediately into the bookie account. It’s not so great since it makes it easier to spend your hard-earned cash!

Even so, it’s up to you whether you wish to link your bank account or bank card. Although, it does put control completely in your hands. So, depositing into a bookie account through PayPal is instant, but only if you let it. Once your bookie account and linked PayPal bank accounts are verified, depositing into the bookie is instant!

PayPal depositing

Depositing with PayPal Is a Flexible Choice

Betting with PayPal as a payment method is a great choice for those of you who like to bet on the move or through a mobile or tablet. You don’t need to have your bank card on you at any point, as long as your bank account is linked. Just be aware that you’ll need to verify your ID with bookies to use anything but a bank card or wire transfer.

Verification is a simple process and doesn’t take long. If you don’t see PayPal as a banking method in the cashier section of your bookie account, you likely still need to confirm your ID. This is definitely the case with 888Sport and bet365.

Withdrawing Through PayPal on UK Football Betting Sites

Withdrawing to PayPal from your bookie account is only possible once you’ve successfully made a deposit. Also, be aware that you might be restricted to the amount you can withdraw by the amount you’ve deposited through PayPal. For example, if you’ve deposited a total of £200 since you opened your account, £100 of which was through your debit card and the other £100 through PayPal, you’ll currently only be able to withdraw a maximum of £100.

This isn’t the case with all online bookmakers, so be sure to confirm this with live chat before being disappointed. Knowing this can speed up and ease any money management woes, which is an area that PayPal benefits due to its flexibility. This is especially the situation since you can withdraw from a bookie to your PayPal account and then keep your balance there, ready to redeposit into another bookie account or to spend as if it’s a bank account.

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PayPal Is a Faster Way to Withdraw

All UK-based bookies have a standard processing time, so, unfortunately, no withdrawal method will make your winnings magically appear in your bank account or wallet. However, PayPal is a faster way to withdraw across many bookmakers. Look at these 888Sport times as an example:

Popular Payment Option Withdrawal Time

Payment Method Min Deposit / Max Withdrawal Withdrawal Time
PayPal £10 / £10,000 12 hours
Visa Debit £10 / £50,000 3-5 Working Days
Skrill £10 / £10,000 12 Hours
Neteller £10 / £10 12 Hours
Bank Transfer £15 / N/A 3-7 days

This makes going through any KYC process or identity verification worth it in the long run if you’re looking to stick with it.

Withdrawing to PayPal Is so Beneficial

And that leads us to where PayPal scores for us. Since it’s accepted by so many online retailers, it makes shopping so much easier. If you have funds in your account, you don’t need to withdraw to your bank account to then shop online with your bank card or account. This adds extra security, which we get onto shortly, but makes your lives so much easier. Your PayPal balance will be used first, even if you know you’re bingo in your bank account.

Save Money by Using Your Balance

Withdrawing from your PayPal to your bank account is FREE! Yup, roll out the red carpet, everyone! This is a huge benefit for Premier League bettors who want the added flexibility that PayPal provides, especially if you want to use your winnings online at a site that doesn’t yet accept it as a payment method.

Are you sitting down? Withdrawing from your PayPal isn’t just free — it’s also instant. Now, this is dependent on your bank or building society, but for the most part, expect your withdrawn cash from PayPal into your account instantly.

As another benefit, withdrawing to PayPal from most UK bookies is also free, but then again, so are the other major banking methods. Still, this is good news for PayPal fans.

Extra Safety and Security for Football Betting in the UK

PayPal has a huge advantage when compared to traditional banking methods — it’s a much safer option. This is due to you only needing to register your banking information with one entity — PayPal.

Put more simply, if you stuck to using your debit card, you’d have to register your banking information with every single bookmaker you wish to register with. Even though the top UK bookies are regulated and employ high-level security features, this still poses a risk for your banking information to be stolen or hacked.

When depositing and withdrawing through PayPal, your banking information is solely held by them. You only need to provide your PayPal-registered email address and password to deposit and withdraw. This offers excellent peace of mind to those of you who are concerned about keeping your bank information safe.

Excellent Fraud Protection for Betting in the UK

If your PayPal details were to somehow get hacked, you aren’t liable for a transaction you didn’t make. PayPal takes away all the hard work and, after their investigation, will reimburse your wallet or bank account. Customer service is available 24/7, and they put the buyer first, rather than taking a remedial stance between parties.

All transactions are monitored for phishing, fraud and identity theft, making betting with PayPal even more secure. We’ve even had a deposit stalled since the PayPal team felt it out of the ordinary.

The PayPal App

On top of PayPal being a secure payment method, it is also very convenient. You can download the PayPal app on Android or Apple devices for free. Using the app is also free, with no monthly fees. This means you can deposit, withdraw or move money in the palm of your hand. Remember, PayPal is widely accepted across many websites, not just gambling ones.

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Further Benefits to Betting with PayPal

If you want more than speed and security, then there are other perks to using PayPal in the UK. The main one extends beyond just betting, in that you can send money to friends and family for free. This is highly beneficial if you have funds in your PayPal wallet and need to send a quick transfer. Transferring money in this manner is much more efficient than having to set up the recipient through your traditional banking app — especially if you need to use one of those pesky card readers.

This high level of freedom and flexibility is just another benefit of using PayPal. All you need to send money is the recipient’s email address or registered phone number. That’s it! No sort code or account number, just a simple email address, and the funds are delivered instantly! 

Make sure you get the email address and mobile number correct, otherwise you may inadvertently send funds to a stranger! If this does happen, PayPal are there to help you out — your funds aren’t gone forever!


Betting in the UK via PayPal sounds amazing, doesn’t it? It is, but you need to be aware of any potential pitfalls. We offer an independent voice here at Premier League Press, so if there are any stand-out downsides to using PayPal, you need to know about them. While reading about these, keep in mind that we feel the benefits greatly away these negatives.

Not Accepted as Much as Debit Cards

When online bookies started, PayPal didn’t exist. The main link you had to your bookmaker funds was limited to using a traditional method of a debit card, credit or wire transfer. Many feel like bookies are behind the times still by restricting the deposit method for welcome offers to debit cards.

One of the main reasons they do this is to confirm who you say you are, which is understandable. However, we feel that since PayPal is such a reputable and established business, bookies can trust PayPal’s identity verification system. What we are seeing, though, is more and more bookies accepting PayPal as a primary banking method. Our sections on 888Sport and bet365 above confirm this since they’re two of the largest iGaming establishments on the planet.

Lengthy Identity Verification for Some

If you’re in a pinch and need to get a bet on quickly but haven’t yet verified your PayPal account to your bookie account, you’re going to be stalled. Most bookies will need you to answer their KYC — know your customer — questions first, or at least provide a couple of forms of photo ID and/or address backup.

The process sounds like a lot, and we feel it’s old school, but for the time being, that’s the situation. To combat this, get your PayPal linked to your bookie account as soon as you open it, especially if that bookie accepts PayPal for the welcome offers.

Linking your bank account to your PayPal account is recommended, but you do need to confirm the microtransaction amount that PayPal uses — at the time of writing, this is 1p. Once this shows on your bank account statement, you need to grab the four-digit code in the reference. You then need to go into your PayPal wallet and enter this four-digit code to verify your bank account. It’s a simple process but can be long-winded since it can take up to two hours for the transaction to appear on your bank statement — not great if you want to get your bets placed instantly!

Pros and Cons for Customers Using PayPal


  • Free! PayPal only charges sellers/businesses.
  • Instant deposit times.
  • The most secure deposit method.
  • Free to deposit and withdraw to and from bookies.
  • Online retail opportunities.
  • Flexible method to move funds between bookie accounts.


  • Not as widespread as more traditional methods.
  • Some welcome offers prevent you from using PayPal.
  • Verification process can be lengthy.

Our Final View on Using PayPal for Premier League Football Betting

PayPal is clearly a safe and secure payment method for UK Premier League betting, which immediately ticks a big box for many bettors. This is excellent peace of mind, especially if you like to bet with multiple bookmakers and don’t wish to provide banking information to them all. PayPal acts as the middleman in this scenario, protecting your funds and info more than using a debit or credit card can.

We’d really like to see PayPal being accepted by more bookmakers, and for those that do allow PayPal already, to lift the restriction for the welcome offers. Having said that, it’s great to see some of the top Premier League betting sites not having this restriction already — perhaps the others will follow suit soon enough!

Despite this restriction, the positives outweigh the negatives for us, which is why PayPal gets the green light as a banking method for UK betting.

Premier League Betting and PayPal — Frequently Asked Questions

🥇 Q: What Is the Best PayPal Betting Site?

A: We’ve covered the top 10 betting sites in the UK in our detailed review. We feel these sites excel at providing excellent value to their customers, with worthwhile welcome offers, high levels of security, competitive odds and a wide variety of football markets. That’s not to mention how heavily they promote Premier League football!

✅ Q: Are Betting Sites Safe?

A: All UK betting sites must be registered with the UK Gambling Commission to cater for UK customers. This is important since it means the betting sites have gone through extensive checks and regulation from an independent body. We only review safe and secure betting sites here at Premier League Press and will advise you of any that should be avoided.

⚽ Q: Is PayPal Safe to Use for Sports Betting?

A: PayPal is one of the safest payment methods for betting in the UK. This is mainly due to you only needing to register your banking information with PayPal, rather than multiple betting sites. Additionally, PayPal has robust fraud-prevention measures to protect your account, funds and information, always, as well as operating the highest levels of data encryption and SSL security.