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Neteller Review for Football Betting in the UK

Many of us are looking for an alternative deposit method for football betting. Although using a traditional debit card has its place, alternative e-wallets such as Neteller offers plenty of benefits that should catch your attention.

For Premier League betting in the UK — and football and sports betting in general — this Neteller review contains all you need to know to decide whether Neteller is a sound choice for you and your circumstances.


Best UK Football Betting Sites That Accept Neteller

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Using Neteller With the Top Football Betting Sites

Something we like to see here at Premier League Press is when the best football betting sites are forward-thinking enough to partner with new fintech offerings such as Neteller. The demand for a more secure payment method has been on the cards for years, and it’s finally happening.

As you can see from the list above, there are such big betting outfits that enable you to deposit with Neteller. Through our diligent research, these UK betting sites have passed our guidelines and requirements to feature in our list. One of these is that the welcome offer allows you to deposit via Neteller to qualify for the bonus. We’ve picked out a couple of these to save you time, since not all of the top bookmakers allow you to use Neteller with the welcome offers.

Register With 888Sport and Deposit With Neteller

We’re fans of 888Sport’s professional attitude towards iGaming. This combines well with its competitive odds, wide range of markets, site security protocols and responsible betting standards.

Our focus here, though, is that you can claim the 888Sport sign-up offer by depositing with Neteller. At the time of writing, this is an offer to claim up to £30 in free bets. To claim this without a hitch:

  1. Register with 888Sport
  2. Make your first deposit using Neteller of at least £10 and claim using the promo code “30f” — note that this code can change at any time, so be sure to check on the 888 website first.
  3. Place your qualifying bet of at least £10
  4. When your qualifying bet has settled, your free bets should be in your account
  5. Once your free bets have settled, any winnings can then be withdrawn

Be sure to check the terms and conditions when claiming this offer. Especially take note of any minimum odds requirements and time limits on making your first deposit upon registering, placing your first bet, and using your free bets.


Unibet and Neteller — Why You Should Combine Them

Unibet is fast becoming a household name in the online betting space. Through its diverse sports markets, simple betting experience, competitive odds and other popular promotions, you can use your Neteller account swiftly and securely to make a deposit and get betting.

Before you do that, don’t skip Unibet’s welcome offer. At the time of writing this Neteller review, the new customer offer is your chance to get up to £40 money back if your first bet loses, with an added bonus of £10 for the casino.

Once you’re registered and have claimed the welcome offer, be sure that your first deposit and bet through Neteller meets the offer’s requirements. As with all bookies, these first instances will apply to the currently active bonus on your account, of which you can only have one bonus active. Be sure to also meet any specific requirements of the terms and conditions, such as wagering multipliers and minimum odds.

Unibet Up to £40 in free bet and bonuses

Depositing With Neteller is Easy

Depositing via Neteller is simply a breeze. Think of Neteller as an intermediary between your bank account and the bookmaker. The exact deposit process works like this:

  1. Deposit to Neteller from your bank account
  2. Deposit to the bookmaker from your Neteller account

Sounds a bit long-winded, doesn’t it? Why not just deposit directly from your bank account? Well, although there’s an extra step, with Neteller, all you need to do is enter two things when depositing with a bookie:

  1. Neteller account ID
  2. Neteller security ID

In comparison, using your debit card will require you to input and confirm all the details on your bank card each time. We go into the enhanced security of Neteller shortly, but it does offer a faster deposit solution, too.

Building on this, deposits into the bookie account via Neteller are instant. We’re talking a matter of seconds, as long as both your Neteller and bookmaker accounts are verified — be sure to complete any Know Your Customer requirements as soon as possible to prevent any delay.

Once you have your Neteller account set up and verified, depositing into your bookie account is instant and so simple.


No Bookmaker Fees for Neteller Deposits

When e-wallets first hit the market, some bookmakers charged for using the likes of Neteller. However, none of the iGaming bookies we recommend don’t do this anymore. We can’t be sure if any of the UK banking institutions will charge you, but it is unlikely.

This is all great news for those of you looking for a financially sound payment method for your online football betting needs.

Is Depositing Into Neteller Free?

Currently, no matter the deposit method you choose, even via bank transfer or a debit or credit card, you’ll be charged 2.5% of the deposit amount. For example, if you wish to deposit £10 into your Neteller account via your VISA debit card, Neteller will take £12.50 from your bank account and deposit £10 into your Neteller.

Thisn’t great news, but there are ways to avoid this:

  1. Use the Net+ MasterCard to avoid further deposits
  2. Deposit more than the GBP equivalent of $20,000 — deposits are free higher than this amount
  3. Aim to move higher in the VIP accounts to reduce fees — more on this later

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How to Deposit Into Your Neteller Account

Neteller has partnered with a vast range of fintech companies, leaving you with many deposit options, including the more well-known:

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Bank transfer
  • Paysafecard
  • Skrill
  • Bitcoin
  • Trustly

The above are for UK customers; overseas customers will need to confirm the methods with Neteller and your chosen provider.

Once your Neteller account is registered and verified, to make a deposit:

  1. Go to the ‘Money In' section of your account
  2. Enter the required information
  3. Enter the deposit amount
  4. Select the purpose of your deposit, if requested
  5. Click the confirmation button
  6. Your funds should show in your account within seconds

Withdrawing With Neteller Is Faster

We’re sure you know how the UK banking industry can be tied up in processes and red tape, which can impact how fast you can receive your money. This certainly seems to apply to the betting industry when you consider withdrawal times and the fact that withdrawing to a debit card, or via bank transfer takes longer than withdrawing to an e-wallet like Neteller.

888Sport confirms this when reviewing its withdrawal times:

Method Processing Time Total Withdrawal Time

Payment Method Min Deposit / Min Withdrawal Withdrawal Time
iDebit £10 / £10 4-5 Days
Mastercard £10 / £3 Up to 6 Days
PayPal £10 / £3 4-5 Days
NETELLER £10 / £3 4-5 Days
Skrill £10 / £3 4-5 Days
MuchBetter £10 / £3 4-5 Days
Online Bank Transfer £10 / £10 4-5 Days


Sure, 5 days can still take a while, but it’s better than 8! Keep in mind that no payment method will mean that your funds will be with you instantly.

Avoid Withdrawal Fees by Using the Net+ Prepaid MasterCard

Once your Neteller account is verified, you can register for a free Neteller MasterCard. The first one of these is free, and it allows you to bypass the below withdrawal fee structure:

Withdrawal Method Fee

Bank Transfer $10

Member Wire $12.75

Money Transfer 1.45% — minimum of $0.50

We’re disappointed to see that withdrawing from Neteller to your bank account will incur you a GBP $10-equivalent charge. The good news is that the prepaid MasterCard can act as a debit card, in that you can use it to shop online or in-person wherever you see the MasterCard sign. This goes some way to alleviate the financial burden of the withdrawal charge.

Neteller is a More Safe and Secure Payment Method for Premier League Betting

It can be easy to disregard online safe when providing banking information, especially if you’ve never had any issues. That isn’t to say that your personal information isn’t at risk of being stolen.

The advantage of using Neteller to deposit into a bookmaker account is that you only need to provide two pieces of private information — your Neteller ID and security ID. This completely removes each bookmaker from storing your bank account or bank card information. Sure, these will be stored on heavily encrypted servers, but it still eliminates that requirement.

Instead, you only need to provide your bank info to Neteller once. That’s one entity having your information instead of multiple ones — can you see how your risk is immediately reduced?

Two-Step Authentication for Enhanced Security

Even if your account were to be compromised, by having two-step authentication on your account, someone would need to have your mobile phone to be able to get into your account. Without this, them having your Neteller ID and security ID is fruitless.

Financial Conduct Authority Regulation

The fact that Neteller is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority — FCA — should give you immediate peace of mind. This means that Neteller has passed the UK’s stringent and independent safeguarding requirements when it comes to your money and how Neteller handles itself as a company.

So you have access to your funds instantly and to ensure that it’s protected, Neteller holds more than 100% of your account balance in trust accounts. If something were to happen to Neteller financially, this means you’re guaranteed that your money will be returned to you.

Additional Benefits to Using Neteller for UK Football Betting

Neteller’s VIP Program

By merely using your Neteller as it’s intended will mean you start to accrue VIP points. The pivotal way to gain VIP status is by transferring a certain amount to merchants in a calendar year — for example, depositing into a bookmaker account:

VIP Level Required Merchant Transfer Amounts

Bronze $10,000

Silver $50,000

Gold $100,000

Platinum $500,000

Diamond $2,000,000

Note that the above are quoted in USD, so the amounts will need to be a GBP equivalent. Even so, you’ll need to be a high roller to move up the rankings, but the benefits can be worth it:

  • Greater transaction limits
  • Reduced deposit and withdrawal fees
  • Lower FX fees
  • Next-day bank transfer withdrawals
  • Free money transfers
  • Loyalty cash rewards
  • VIP chat line and dedicated VIP manager

Worldwide Money Transfers

If you’re one to send money to friends or family during the year, then consider Neteller as a way of doing this. We wouldn’t say this is the sole reason to register for a Neteller account, but if you already have one, it’s something to think about.

Even if your intended recipient doesn’t have a Neteller account, you can still send them money. There are two things you need to make this happen:

  • An email address
  • Money in your account

If you already have a Neteller account and someone sends you money, it’ll be in your account instantly.

Be aware that Neteller will charge you 1.45% of the transfer amount to send funds to someone else, with a minimum amount being $0.50 or GBP equivalent. This isn’t a hidden charge — you’ll be able to see the amount before confirming the transfer. You won’t be charged to receive funds, however.

Deposit via The Neteller App

The Neteller app allows you to deposit into your account wherever you may be. It is available to download for free from both the apple and andriod stores. It offers all of the same services as the desktop version and has a slick design. Remember, your Neteller account can be used for a number of reasons including funding your betting account.

Are There Any Neteller Disadvantages?

A Neteller review wouldn’t be complete without a focus on the bad, as well as the good. It’s clear to see that Neteller has many positives going for it. The fact that the top football betting sites in the UK widely accept Neteller is a testament to this; however, there are some negatives to Neteller that you should be aware of.

When browsing through the downsides we’ve picked up, remember that we don’t feel they outweigh the positives overall. You should make your own decisions on whether you wish to go ahead and sign up for a Neteller account based on this information.

Exclusion From Welcome Offers and Promotions

Although we managed to pick out a couple of top-end UK bookmakers that allow you to use Neteller for their welcome offers, many don’t let you to do this. We’re talking the likes of Paddy Power and Coral, as examples. While this is true at the time of writing, there is a chance that these restrictions will be lifted in the future.

Net+ Prepaid MasterCard Fees and Limits

Even though Neteller has the prepaid MasterCard offer to alleviate withdrawal cost burdens, we feel that the wide range of fees is a bit harsh on the average bettor. Are the below fees worth the trade-off for a more secure and faster-to-withdraw banking method? That’s obviously up to you, but you should be aware of the below Net+ MasterCard fees:

Method Fee

Merchant spending Free

Foreign exchange 3.99%

Shipping & handling £8.00

Cash withdrawal 1.75%

Replace lost card £8.00

Annual £6.00

Net+ Prepaid MasterCard limits are as follows:

Method Limit:

Daily withdrawals 10 withdrawals in 24 hours

Withdrawal amount £650 in 24 hours

Daily purchases 50 purchases in 24 hours

Purchase amount £1,950 in 24 hours

Note that the purchasing amounts above include the deposits made to a bookmaker. These limits will increase as you rise in the VIP levels, as we mentioned further up in this Neteller review.

The Neteller Pros and Cons for UK Customers


  • The best football betting sites in the UK accept Neteller
  • Qualifies for welcome offers
  • Enhanced safety by not having to provide bank details to multiple bookmakers
  • Faster to deposit into a bookmaker than traditional methods
  • Free to register an account
  • No bookmaker deposit fees
  • Prepaid MasterCard helps to avoid fees


  • Some top bookies still restrict Neteller from welcome bonuses
  • Withdrawals to your bank account aren’t free
  • Deposits under $20,000 aren’t free
  • Net+ MasterCard fees

Final Thoughts on Using Neteller for Football Betting in the UK

As a betting banking method, Neteller has clear advantages. The biggest of these has to be the extra level of security it brings. In a world where freedom of information is paramount, some sadly take this to another level by committing fraud and stealing your personal information. Neteller alleviates this to an extent, which we know is a focal point for many UK bettors. In addition, withdrawal times are much swifter when you use Neteller instead of more traditional payment methods.

We’d most definitely like to see more of the best UK football betting sites lift the veil on restricting Neteller from being used with their welcome offers. It’s good to see that the likes of Unibet and 888Sport don’t have this in place, and there’ll be other popular football betting sites that will allow you to use Neteller, too.

It’s hard to look past the fee structure that Neteller has in place. 2.5% on deposits into your Neteller seems steep, but we do like the idea of using the Neteller MasterCard to avoid this somewhat.

Despite the restrictions and downsides to using Neteller, it’s still definitely a viable deposit method for football betting, and it gets our seal of approval.

Neteller and UK Football Betting — Frequently Asked Questions

✅ Q: Is Neteller Safe?

A: There are always risks to banking and sending money online, no matter which payment vehicle you use. Neteller, however, reduces the risk of your bank information being stolen when depositing into a bookmaker account. This is purely since you only need to provide that information to Neteller and not multiple bookies.

🥇 Q: Which Is Better, Skrill or Neteller?

A: Both Skrill and Neteller have excellent benefits. We suggest you compare our Skrill review and Neteller review to get a balanced opinion. They both hail from the same parent company, so you know you’re getting a high-quality payment method, no matter which you choose.

⭐ Q: Does Neteller Support MasterCard?

A: Yes, Neteller supports MasterCard. The excellent news is that you can get a Net+ prepaid MasterCard to spend with merchants worldwide, no matter the currency. Check out our section on this for further information.