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Using A Credit Card as a Payment Method for Football Betting – Banned in the UK

Ban on Credit Cards For Betting in the UK – April 2020

As per a recent ruling by the United Kingdom Gaming Commission (UKCG), credit cards will no longer be accepted by online bookmakers for players in the UK. This will come into effect from 14th April 2020.

The ban applies not only to online bookmakers, but also offline (ie. Betting shops). It has been introduced as a measure to combat problem gambling and has been widely well-received by the industry. Ensuring there are ways in which to protect those at risk is of the highest importance, and as a regulatory requirement, bookmakers will have to adhere or face hefty punishments.

If you have used a credit card previously for your betting transactions, you will be asked to use a different means going forward.

Alternatives to Using a Credit Card for Betting

There are many other, safe options you can use to deposit and withdraw from a betting account. PayPal has been growing in popularity in recent years with plenty of UK bookies now accepting this. Check out this table below to find out what options are available to you:

Payment Method Min Deposit / Max Withdrawal Withdrawal Time
Apple Pay £10/£50,000 3-5 Working Days
Visa Debit £10 / £50,000 3-5 Working Days
PayPal £10 / £10,000 12 hours
Neteller £10 / £10 12 Hours
Skrill £10 / £10,000 12 Hours
Paysafecard £10 / N/A N/A
Bank Transfer £15 / N/A 3-7 days
Trustly £10 / £1000 12 hours

If you want to find out more about these payment options, check out our guide here.

The Best Credit Card Betting Sites – Outside of the UK

Using your credit card for sports betting, not solely for football betting, is a viable option. However, bear in mind that the same risks apply with using a credit card as a payment method as they do whenever you use a credit card. Be sure to only spend what you can afford.

This doesn’t take away from credit cards being a popular deposit method for betting, especially since they’re widely accepted by the best betting sites. Our detailed review for depositing using a credit card takes you through everything you need to know — the good and the bad.

Top Football Betting Sites When Using Your Credit Cards

We always recommend you bet with the most popular football betting sites, no matter your chosen deposit method. Premier League Press is all about using the best of the best rather than any old site that will take your money.

By focusing on the best sites, you’ll gain access to the best odds, worthwhile sports bonuses and offers, and the best in security and customer service. With this in mind, the list above covers our prioritised shortlist of which bookies to focus on.

Using Your Credit Card With 888Sport

888Sport is a major player in the online betting world. It’s been in the industry for a long time now and has cemented itself as being popular in football betting and the casino market. If you’re looking to place online bets with your credit card, then this is possible with 888Sport.

The major thing that stands out for us over at 888 is how simple and easy the entire user experience is. This includes account registration and all the way through to placing bets and withdrawing winnings. Additionally, its customer service department is top-of-the-range, and the welcome offer is something not to skip.

As at the time of writing this credit card betting review, 888Sport’s welcome bonus is up to £30 in free bets. You need to make a minimum deposit of £10, which you can use your credit card to do so. Upon your qualifying bet settling, you should receive the free bets in your account. Be sure to check the terms and conditions for this offer to ensure you satisfy all requirements and avoid disappointment.

Deposit With Your Credit Card to Claim Bet365’s Sign-Up Offer – Outside of the UK

Bet365 is another top-flight online betting site that accepts this method for its welcome offer. As we put this betting guide together, the industry giant is offering up to €100 in bet credits for new customers.

Be sure to claim the offer when registering and depositing using your credit card. Furthermore, check to ensure you meet any minimum odds requirements. Once your bet credits are added to your account, use them as soon as you can. Upon the credit-bets settling, you’ll be able to withdraw any winnings.

How Easy Is It to Deposit With a Credit Card Outside of the UK?

Extremely! The process for depositing with a credit card is no different than if you were using a debit card. And it’s free, too. The great news for using your credit card for depositing is that the bookmaker will instantly deposit the funds. This is great if you’re looking to get a bet on quickly. On top of that its ideal for mobile bettors as there’s no restriction by the bookmaker.

It will appear as the bottom option with bookmaker Betway.


How to Deposit Using a Credit Card

During the registration process, you will, of course, need to input your personal information. Once you’ve verified your account — likely via email — you’ll be prompted to make a deposit. It’s at this point that you’ll need to enter:

  1. The deposit amount.
  2. Your card information.
  3. Any available promotion code.

If you’re not registering through a sign-up page, be sure to enter the specific deposit code for that offer. You can always check out our best betting sites review to check this. Alternatively, get in touch with the bookmaker’s live chat service.

Be sure you have your credit card on hand when depositing. You’ll need it to input the following information:

  1. 16-digit card number.
  2. Issue date — optional
  3. Expiry date.
  4. Name on the card.
  5. CVV number — 3-digit code on the signature strip.

You should see a confirmation screen when you’ve made your deposit, and your betting wallet balance should be updated. Be sure to meet the welcome offer requirements before betting on any other football match. Because it is often your first bet that will be deemed as the qualifying bet. If it doesn’t meet the minimum odds requirement, you won’t be able to claim the bonus.

Once your credit card information has been inputted, some betting sites and browsers will allow you to save the data. This is handy for future deposits since you won’t have to input all the information each time. In saying that, you’ll likely have to put the CVV info in whenever you deposit.

A Friendly Warning While Depositing Using a Credit Card

We should all practice responsible gaming, and so, be sure to check your credit card balance and minimum payment amount before depositing. Doing this will ensure you’re happy that the amount you’re depositing.

The UKCG has completely banned the use of credit cards for all gambling purposes in the UK. This measure was brought in to protect players and to assist with responsible gambling. So, be mindful that these restrictions were brought in for a reason.

Withdrawing From a Top Bookie to Your Credit Card

Withdrawing to your credit card is a straightforward process. However,  be aware that you can only do so if you’ve already deposited via that card. You can also only have one credit card “on file” with a bookie, so if you need swift access to your winnings, keep this in mind.

Withdrawing to a credit card isn’t the fastest of process. But then, the only super-fast withdrawal method tends to be cryptocurrencies. Most of the top bookies will process your credit card withdrawal within 48 hours. Be mindful that it can take up to 5 business days for the funds to reach your credit card.

The good news is that withdrawing to a credit card tends to be free with the top online betting sites. Keep in mind that your credit card provider may charge you a fee, though.

The Security of Betting Through Your Credit Card Outside of the UK

With the majority of the business world having a hand in some form of online transaction, the safety and security levels and processes of online financial transactions are monitored and upgraded regularly. The banking regulator for credit cards is one of the most prominent on the planet. As such, the data encryption tools in use are some of the world’s best. This means that your credit card information should be safe and secure whenever you make a deposit. Especially since the very best betting sites have valid SSL certificates for their sites — personal information isn’t shared when using these.

There is a counter-argument to this, though. The fact is, fraud and online identity theft still do occur. With this in mind, having to provide your credit card information to each bookmaker you register with comes with a natural level of risk. This risk level is higher with a credit card than if you were to use PayPal, as an example.

Of course, the number of bettors that have never had a problem using their credit card is much higher than the quantity that has been hacked, so we can still consider the risk to below, but it could be better.

Pro’s to Using a Credit Card Outside of the UK

Immediate Access to Betting Funds

If you have a credit card, you know how easy it is to spend the money. If you’re looking at using your credit card for online gaming, this ease of use transfers well. Therefore, if you’re following a betting system, tipster or a challenge, using a credit card can be an excellent way to ensure you don’t miss out on the next bet in the system.

An idea is to use a credit card as a stop-gap, instead of a direct replacement, when you’ve run out of funds in your current account, PayPal or e-wallet. We’re sure you’re aware of the dangers of getting into credit card debt, so be sensible and only bet what you can afford to lose.

Disadvantages of Depositing With a Credit Card

Premier League Press has a strong focus on transparency and honest reviews. We’ve already mentioned some risks with regards to using your credit card, and these shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you bet responsibly, the usual risk of using a credit card can easily be mitigated, but you should still be aware of the below downsides to using a credit card as a banking method.

If you’re confident that you won’t get into debt using your credit card, then we feel that the benefits of using a credit card can outweigh these negatives. After all, there’s a reason why so many bookmakers allow their members to use credit cards.

Interest and Charges No Matter If You Win or Lose

We’re not here to teach you how a credit cards works, but obviously, the interest charges only apply if you don’t pay off your balance in full by the time the statement is run. And the sad thing is, this is the case, no matter if you win or lose with a bookmaker.

It can be easy to focus on the positive side of winning over a long period and ignoring the cost of those winnings. Interest and late payment fees can severely dampen the endorphin rush of winning a bet, so don’t let this happen to you!

Be aware that many credit card providers view betting site deposits as cash advances, which may carry a fixed fee and higher interest rates. The best thing to do in this situation is to confirm the level and classification of interest and charges with your card provider before making a deposit.

Blocked by Some Providers

Some providers will actively block you from using your card with online betting sites. This is a responsible gambling step taken by credit facilities to curb the rise of debt and further issues related to credit card debt. While this can pose a problem for you if a credit card is the only source of funds you have for betting, consider this as a blessing in disguise.

Negative Impact on Credit Score

Again, this negative only applies if you fail to meet the minimum repayment amount each month or miss payments. The nasty result of this is that your credit score is impeded in the long-run, preventing your ability to borrow money in an emergency.

To counter this, there is a school of thought that using a credit card and paying off the balance each month, and even closing cards and opening new ones can have a positive impact on your credit rating.

Either way, please take extra care if you use a credit card for online football betting.

Credit Card Pros and Cons for Football Betting


  • Accepted by the best betting sites.
  • Credit card deposits qualify for welcome offers.
  • Fast and immediate source of betting funds.
  • Cashback and travel incentives for using a credit card.
  • Free to make deposits and withdrawals through a credit card.


  • Interest charges, no matter if you win or lose.
  • Not accepted in the UK
  • Lower net winnings due to interest.
  • Card companies might prevent you from placing bets.
  • Presents a security issue with multiple sites having your card information.
  • Negative impact on credit score.

The Roundup on Credit Cards for Football Betting

You know if you’re capable of not letting credit card debt run away from you. So you know which of the above risks will apply to you. We just ask that you pause for a moment before using a credit card for depositing with a football betting site. Bear in mind to be extra-sure that you can repay the amounts you borrow. After all, it’s not your funds that you’re betting with. If you are playing from the UK, also bear in mind that this method is not an option for you.

Risk aside, credit cards provide an immediate source of betting funds if you want to get a bet on quickly. Combine this with the fact that all of the very best football betting sites accept credit cards and you have a powerful combination. This is especially helpful since the majority of the sign-up offers and bonuses will be available to you. Just remember to claim these as soon as you sign up and make them the first bets you place.

Credit Cards and Football Betting — Frequently Asked Questions

❌ Q: Can You Bet With a Credit Card in The UK?

A: As of April 2020, online betting firms will no longer be able to accept Credit Cards as a payment method for players in the UK. This change has been introduced by the UK Gambling Commission to help aid with problem gambling. More information on why this has been brought in can be found here

⚡ Q: Can You Withdraw Winnings to a Credit Card?

A” Yes. If you’ve previously made a deposit using a credit card, you will then be allowed to withdraw to that credit card in the future. If your card has expired, you’ll need to register and confirm a new one with the bookmaker.

❌ Q: Does William Hill Accept Credit Cards?

A: Yes, William Hill currently accepts deposits via credit cards in the form of VISA or MasterCard. However, as per the recent law passed by the UKGC, credit cards will no longer be accepted in the UK from April 2020. If you have previously deposited via this method, you will be asked for an alternative going forward.