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Apple Pay for Betting Sites – The Perfect Match

Online bookmakers evolve with player demands and with a growth in contactless payments, bookies are following suit. Apple Pay is now available as a means to deposit with several UK sites which is great news for punters. This new method acts as an e-wallet solution available to those with apple devices. You can use it on your iPhone or Mac with the touch of your fingertip.

Apple Pay allows you to deposit using your cards, but with an extra layer of security. In this review we’ll run through the advantages, disadvantages and how it works with online sportsbooks. We think that we will be seeing this coming to more sites in the near future so read on to discover why.

Top Five Betting Sites Accepting Apple Pay

What Is Apple Pay? The Basics

If you already own an Apple device then there’s a good chance, you’re already making use of the service. It is a service that allows customers to pay via their iPhone, iPad, apple watch, or even MacBook using just your fingertips. It was first launched by Apple back in 2014 and has seen dramatic growth in popularity. This is in line with other means of contactless payment options including most bank cards.

The difference with Apple Pay is that there is no upper limit on transactions. So, where you use your bank card and can spend up to £30 before having to enter your PIN code, you can pay up to any amount. The extra security steps you need to take to set up your Apple Pay account is why this is allowed but we’ll get to that a little further down the page.

How to It Set-Up

Setting the service up is a straightforward process. Not to state the obvious, but you need to be in possession of an Apple device to make use of the service. You will not be able to download anything to match apple on an Android device at the moment. Therefore, if you’re an Android user this method isn’t the one for you.

Apple users simply download the app from the store. It will then be added to your wallet. Once that is done pick which card you would like to add to your Apple Pay and follow the on-screen instructions.

Depositing with Apple Pay on Betting Sites

Ok, so now that you it set-up on your device, how do you use it for your betting account? Simple:

  1. Register or login to your sports betting account
  2. Go to deposits
  3. Select Apple Pay as your method
  4. Add the amount you would like to deposit
  5. Use your Apple device to authenticate the transaction when prompted
  6. And that’s it!

One of the best advantages of this option is that not only is it fast and effective, but it’s safe. You will need your Apple device with you to complete the transaction so it’s very difficult for fraudsters to fake this. Your fingerprint will also be needed if someone does get their hands on your phone so you are as protected as you can be.

Apple Pay will be connected to whatever card you have uploaded to your apple wallet, so you will be able to see the transaction clearly. It works in almost exactly the same way as if you were depositing directly with that card, so it goes without saying that you’ll need to use an account with funds.

Deposit with Paddy Power and Claim a £20 Risk-Free Bet

New customer promotions can offer punters some serious value when they open an account, but there are a few rules that need to be adhered to. One of the most common restrictions for a welcome offer is the payment method used. Deposits via e-wallets such as Skrill or Neteller often don’t qualify players to take advantage of new customer bonuses, but Apple Pay seems to be bucking the trend.

Sports betting giants Paddy Power are one such betting firm that allows Apple Pay deposits for their £20 Risk-Free Bet welcome offer. In fact, it is encouraged. At the time of writing only deposits via card or Apple Pay will be eligible. We think this is because of it being so similar for the firm to process the payments, and we’re certainly happy with it.

To get your £20 Risk-Free Bet, simply register with Paddy Power, and deposit with Apple Pay. Then, place your first bet of £20 and if it loses, get your stake back as a free bet.


What are the Deposit Limits

This is an interesting question and one which answer varies. As with most payment methods, the limits are different for each site. In saying that, we have looked at several of the betting sites that accept Apple Pay and can see that the limits are decent. They are always at the high end of the payment options, so you shouldn’t have any difficulties if you use one of our recommended bookies.

Is Apple Pay Safe to Use for Online Betting?

Now that you know how to use Apple Pay for betting, the question is, is it safe? There are a lot of players who are skeptical about giving out personal information, and rightly so. We should all be a bit vigilant with what information we give to who especially regarding financial transactions. We can say with some confidence that Apple Pay is safe.

When you deposit into your account with Apple Pay, your bank details are not passed on to the bookie. Your details remain only with your Apple Pay account, so rest assured than no card/bank details are being passed on.

There are also additional security steps you can take with Apple Pay. As well as using your fingerprint to authorise transactions, you add the additional step of face ID. This means that in order for a deposit to be made both your fingerprint and face will be required. Because of this, we consider Apple Pay to be extremely safe.

Furthermore, you have some other privacy advantages too. Unlike when you use your debit card – betting transactions will not show up on your bank statement when using Apple Pay. All that will show is that money was spent using Apple Pay. It’s a great way to keep your transactions personal, as they should be.

Apple Pay and Betfair – An Excellent Experience

Betfair are one of the most popular sports betting sites in the UK and beyond. They have a huge following of loyal customers due to their fantastic markets, competitive odds and unrivaled promotions. They are always at the forefront of new developments in the gaming industry and already offer a ton of payment methods.

Betfair have recently added Apple Pay to their payments section which is great news for both new players and existing ones. There are no fees associated with depositing or withdrawing via Apple Pay and the limits reflect those of using a card.

New customers can take advantage of a top welcome offer of up to £100 in free bets. And the good news for Apple Pay customers is that deposits via that method are accepted! Many bookmakers block e-wallets for their welcome offers so it’s a nice touch that Apple Pay deposits are welcomed.

Betfair Sportsbook sign up bonus for sports betting

Withdrawing to Apple Pay from a UK Sportsbook

Depositing with Apple Pay is as easy as pie, but when it comes to withdrawing is it as straightforward? The answer is yes, and no. Let’s start with the no. As with plenty of payment methods deposits are welcome at all the sites, we’ve mentioned but withdrawing on all sites to Apple Pay is not. For example, you cannot withdraw via Apple Pay on 888Sport, which is a bit frustrating. We hope that they will soon change this and will let you know if and when this occurs. But bear in mind that withdrawing might not be possible.

In the case of bet365, Betfair and Paddy Power – you can withdraw. Not only can you withdraw but you can do so with ease. Simply head to the withdrawal section, select Apple Pay, enter the amount and push withdraw.

Withdrawal times can vary from bookie to bookie. The standard times are 3-5 working days which is in line with withdraws to debit cards. In terms of withdrawal limits, we found these to be the upper end of the scale which is good news if you hit that big win.

Apple Pay Customer Service – The Best in Town

It’s worth noting that Apple is one of the biggest companies in the world and as such you’re in safe hands. Should you encounter any difficulties with the service, Apple provides a second to none support. Of course, if you have an issue with your chosen bookmaker then reach out to them in the first instance. Either way, you should feel comfortable in case you do need to contact a support channel.

Can I use it on Mobile Apps?

More and more players are opting to use a mobile device for their online betting and with so many great apps out there, who can blame them? Sometimes mobile apps will offer fewer deposit methods than desktop sites but we’re happy to say that Apple Pay can also be used for depositing on the go. In fact, you can use the same device. That way you can use the same phone to authorise your transactions and place your bets.

Advantages of Using Apple Pay for Sports Betting

We’ve gone over how to set up Apple Pay for betting and why we think it’s one of the best options out there. But it’s always nice to summarise the pros.

  • Easy to use and set-up
  • Reliable
  • Safe and Secure
  • No fees or hidden charges
  • Instant Deposits

One of these that we haven’t gone over in detail is that there are no hidden fees when you use this method. This is a real plus as you’re not in for any nasty shocks. Charges will not apply for using Apple Pay to fund your betting account.

Disadvantages of Using Apple Pay for Sports Betting

At Premier League Press, we always like to give a balanced view including our payment method reviews. Therefore, it is only fair that we point out the improvement areas. We are struggling, however, to come up with negatives to say about Apple Pay.

The only real disadvantage is that it is not available to use on a wide range of betting sites. In saying that, we can see more bookmakers adding this in the near future.

On top of that, the fact that withdrawing to Apple Pay is not always possible with every bookmaker is a blow. Obviously, if we deposit with a method then we would like to take any potential winnings out the same way. As mentioned above we do hope that those bookies will review that in the near future and allow withdrawals to take place.

Finally, on the negatives – if you’re not an Apple customer, you can’t use the service. It sounds a bit silly but it’s a shame that not all players can take advantage of such a useful payment method.

  • Not widely available
  • Can’t withdraw from all bookies
  • Need to have an apple device

Alternative Payment Methods for Betting

If you fall into the category of player who isn’t able to use Apple Pay, then you’re probably wondering what the best alternative would be. There is nothing to match this service exactly, but there are a few close contenders.

The first three are all e-wallet solutions that you can fund with your chosen card. Find out more about each method by clicking the links above. Trustly is another exciting payment method on the market and one to consider if Apple Pay is not for you.

Conclusion – Apple Pay in Demand for Online Betting

There’s no doubt that Apple Pay is on the up when it comes to online betting. It is one of the safest and most secure ways to complete a transaction and for Apple customers, it’s a dream come true. The authentication steps mean it is reliable and hard to hack while deposits are instant. It’s hard to imagine that more bookies will not be offering this method as time goes on. So, if you’ve not tried Apple Pay and have an apple device, we highly recommend it.

Apple Pay for Betting Sites FAQs

✅ Q: Can I Use Apple Pay on bet365?

A: Yes! bet365 are one of the betting sites in the UK that currently accept payments via Apple Pay. Furthermore, new customers can claim a welcome bonus when using this method.

❌ Q: What fees will I be charged for using Apple Pay for betting?

A: No, fees do not apply. As far as we know.

⚽ Q: Can I get the Paddy Power sports welcome bonus by using Apple Pay?

A: Yes. Apple Pay is one of the only accepted methods in fact. Find out more above.