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Premier League Restart 17th June 2020: Latest News, Fixtures, TV Schedule and More


The Premier League is looking highly likely to return to action on the 17th June, three days before first expected. The outstanding fixtures from the final weekend of league action before the campaign was halted are expected to kick things off.

This news means that the Premier League will hopefully be played to its conclusion, but there are of course obstacles in the way.

Let’s take a look at how the season could shape up.

Manchester City celebrate
When will the Premier League Restart?

With a proposed date of the 17th June, the Premier League will be back in under three weeks’ time. The English FA have been pushing for a return with a whopping £762m broadcast rebate hanging over their heads. It’s not all about money of course, as clubs look to complete the season on the field.

It is understood that all 20 clubs voted in favour to the proposal which will see football return for the first time in England since mid-March. Four teams with a game in hand have agreed to get the season again before a full fixture list is played over the following weekend.

First Premier League Fixtures 17th June

  • Manchester City vs Arsenal
  • Aston Villa vs Sheffield United

Clubs are still in discussion over the exact details; however, it is assumed that fixtures will pick up where the left off.

Premier League Return Fixture List 19th – 21st June

  • Aston Villa vs Chelsea
  • Norwich vs Southampton
  • Newcastle vs Sheffield United
  • Manchester City vs Burnley
  • Brighton vs Arsenal
  • Bournemouth vs Crystal Palace
  • Watford vs Leicester
  • Spurs vs Manchester United
  • West Ham vs Wolves
  • Everton vs Liverpool

What Restrictions Will be in Place for the Players?

A key point to make is that there will be no fans in the stadium. This is perhaps obvious, but the number of people insides will be kept to a bare minimum. The final number is expected to be around 200. This has worked well so far in Germany, with few hiccups.

Testing will be routinely conducted with any player testing positive adhering to the Government guidelines.

Further rules include:

  • No handshakes
  • No spitting
  • Ban on close celebrations
  • More than one changing room per team
  • Social distancing pre/post-match
  • Increase from 3 to 5 substitutes a game

Where Will Premier League Matches be Played?

This has been a hot topic of discussion. There have many who have fears over fans gathering outside their side’s stadiums, but it seems the general consensus is that people will be trusted. The German Bundesliga paved the way for this return and so far, it has been a success.

When Will Teams Start Training?

Premier League sides have already been given the green light to start training again, with restrictions. The players have to abide by strict guidelines including washing their own kit.

Will Premier League Games be Shown on TV?

There are over 90 games left for the season, all of which could be shown in the UK. The Government is in discussion with broadcasters regarding the possibility of some free-to-air games. Sky Sport and BT Sport will undoubtedly hold the lion share of fixtures, but for those who do not have sports packages – watch this space.