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Serie A Teams Will Return to Training on 4th of May: Latest News Updates


In a positive move for football fans, it has been announced that Serie A sides will be able to return to individual training. It was Primer Minister Giuseppe Conte that announce the news with a plan of action that begins on the 4th of May.

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Italian Serie A-Sides Can Start Training – 4th May

As Italy edges out of the coronavirus pandemic, phase 2 can now begin. In this, footballers will be allowed to train in their club’s premises; but on an individual basis. This means that players will be able to take advice from their coaches on the grounds, however, they will not be joined by any other players. This is to keep in line with the strict social distancing rules still enforce in the country.

Conte is quoted as saying: “To allow a gradual resumption of sports activities, training sessions for athletes, professionals, and non-professionals recognized by CONI (Italy's Olympic Committee) will be allowed from May 4, but only in compliance with the rules of social distancing, avoiding gatherings.

‘On May 18 we also plan to reopen the team training.

Therefore, if this proves to be successful, teams will be able to train again together from the 18th May. There will discussions on what measures will still be in place then, and it won’t be normal service resumed. It will likely be phased into small group training with special guidelines. German Bundesliga sides returned to training in April under a unique set of rules. Something similar can be expected including testing of players.

When Will Serie A Matches be Played Again?

Resuming training is a huge step forward in getting the Serie A season completed. However, it is not a guarantee. If there are improvements, then the Government may go ahead and allow the season to be completed. If it all goes to plan, then matches could be played at either the end of May or start of June with a view of the season being completed by mid-July. It should also be noted that this will be behind closed doors.

Serie A Current Standings – 12 Games Left

There are 12 game weeks outstanding in Italy, which is more than the other big leagues in Europe. They will aim to squeeze in as many games as possible in order to be able to crown Champions. It is one of the closest contests for several years with Juventus only one point ahead of Lazio in second.

What Does This Mean for the Premier League?

Italy becomes the second big league after Germany to have a plan in place to resume the season. The FA have been less forthcoming with what they intend to do. Of course, ending the season would be the preference but if it’s not possible other options will have to be explored. We should know more if and when the lockdown measures are eased in the UK. For the time being, however, it is promising that other Countries are slowly bringing back sport.

Serie A Return FAQS

✅ Q: When is the Serie A back?

A: The date is not yet known but maybe around the 27th of May. Players will return to individual training from 4th May with team training allowed again from the 18th of May.

⚽ Q: Who is top of Serie A?

A: Juventus. They lead Lazio by one point.