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Premier League Matches on TV: Remaining Sky and BT Games Could Be Free to Air


Discussions around how and when the Premier League will start again are on-going, but there are more things than just the games to think about. It seems certain that all remaining matches will be played behind closed doors, but will they be televised?

Sky Sports and BT Sport may offer the matches in their packages on free to air channels. Here is all the latest on the developments.


Remaining Premier League Matches on TV

Given the choice, football fans would, of course, prefer to watch their teams play live. So, when games do start up again without a fan presence in the stadium supporters will tune in to watch on TV. It has already been suggested that the matches will be shown on TV. A limited number of staff operating around grounds to make it happen.

At the moment, Sky Sports and BT Sports hold all the live rights to Premier League games which customers have to pay a subscription for. The problem with this is that not all supporters can afford or have the packages. Bars that would normally show games look likely to remain shut due to social distancing guidelines which means that fans would likely get together to watch matches somewhere. This scenario raises social issues that need to be addressed before the games can be shown.

Sky Sports and BT Sports Consider Free to Air Games

It’s great news, therefore, that both Sky and BT are in discussion with the FA and other broadcasters to show a selection of the outstanding Premier League games free to air. This would mean that everyone could tune in to watch the selected match without paying an extra fee.

The Premier League is heavily reliant on the revenue it receives from selling the broadcasting rights. It would, therefore, be a welcome move to keep relations good with both broadcasters and the Government.

Will the Premier League Games be Shown on BBC?

Culture Secretary, Oliver Dowden has been in talks with Sky and BT over the possibility of showing the matches for free. He has stated that they have been very productive and is keen to find a creative solution to the problem. In regard to whether matches will be shown on TV, he is quoted as saying:

“To your point, if they are being mindful of access points that doesn’t just have to be going onto traditional terrestrial matches, or even showing all of the matches”

Therefore, it is clear that the talks have not reached this stage. More information on how the Premier League will be concluded will likely be announced in the coming weeks. In the meantime, it’s good to know that there could be access to live football for all.

Premier League on TV FAQs

⚽ Q: Will all the Premier League matches be shown on terrestrial tv?

A: Sky and BT are discussing showing their remaining matches on a free-to-air basis. It is not yet known if this will be on their platform, or terrestrial.

✅ Q: When is the Premier League starting again?

A: The proposed restart date in the 8th of June 2020.