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Premier League Could Return on the 8th June 2020: Possible Season Restart


There are 92 Premier League games remaining for the 2019/20 season. Following a long meeting between all clubs on Friday, it has been decided that matches could begin to be played from the 8th June. This has emerged as a best-case scenario with doubts cast over the date with stringent Government guidelines in place.

If the season does restart what will it look like?

Premier League Set to Conclude in the Summer


News that the German Bundesliga is set to kick-off again in mid-May has raised a few eyebrows. Now other associations throughout Europe are asking when/if their seasons might resume.

All topflight clubs took part in a meeting to discuss how the season might be concluded on Friday afternoon. Several models were looked at with the best option seemingly the league starting on 8th June 2020.

Matches would, of course, be played behind closed doors. The idea of playing games at neutral grounds to avoid fans crowding outside their home stadiums has also been considered. It is not yet clear if this will be the case, but it is certainly something to think about.

Each side will be asked to play their remaining fixtures which will be either nine of 10 in a five-week window. The FA is keen to bring the season to a close as quickly as possible to aid with issues of contract and loan expirations as well as sponsorship deals.

When Will Premier League Players Begin Training?

Teams will not be asked to play without having been able to undertake some sort of training sessions. At the moment, players are being monitored remotely by club coaches. Strict quarantine rules mean that teams can’t hold training sessions which could be problematic going forward. The UK government has made it clear that football will not be given special treatment in these uncertain times. Therefore, it may be outwith the FA’s control if the league is to resume on 8th June.

If the Government lockdown is over on 7th May, teams should be able to train together from the second week of the month. The difficulty is that social distancing rules will still likely be in place. With this in mind, clubs are expected to ask players to turn up to training already in their kits with most of the training facility out of bounds. Not an ideal situation by any means, but with clubs keen to press on and finish the season it is better than nothing.

Furthermore, clubs will need to have regular coronavirus testing. Players, coaches, groundsmen and match officials will all need to be tested regularly. There is no clear way forward with this as yet.

Champions League Final to be Played in August

Although UEFA made it clear that individual countries would be responsible for deciding when leagues are completed, they expect it to be before the Champions League final. Europe’s Premium competition is scheduled for the 29th August. This should give ample time for the Premier League to play its final games.

When Will Know if the Premier League will Continue?

Another meeting has been scheduled for the 1st May. With the situation hopefully clearer by then, we will have a better understanding if football will be able to resume. In the meantime, the 8th June is the most likely date.

Premier League Return FAQs

⚽ Q: Will the Premier League resume on the 8th June?

A: Possibly. At the moment this is the date that the FA and Premier League clubs have in mind. Nothing is set in stone and is subject to on-going developments.

 ✅  : Will Liverpool be Crowned Premier League winners?

A: At the moment, Premier League clubs are expected to complete the season. Therefore, Liverpool will be crowned winners if they finish top of the table after the remaining games are played.