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Jurgen Klopp: Liverpool Need To Stay Angry At The World


Liverpool temporarily took 2nd place in the Premier League after their 4-1 romp vs West Ham on Saturday. A win for Man Utd on Sunday saw them fall back to 3rd, but Jurgen Klopp knows his team are in a strong position. The Reds have won 3 of their last 4 and they are 4 points clear of Chelsea in 5th.


Klopp says spirits are high in the camp right now, but he doesn't want his players to lose their edge. The German wants his team to stay angry and to show no mercy when they have their opponents on the ropes.

Klopp: Stay Aggressive

Liverpool have been playing well, hammering West Ham and Porto in their last two outings. However, Klopp had a warning for his players when he spoke to the media after the West Ham victory. He said:

“Now we need to stay angry with the rest of the world. We need to stay aggressive.  You lose a little bit if you win all the time. We didn’t win all the time but two, three or four weeks in a row. Then it is hard to win the fifth one as well, to stay on track and do it. We have to keep going.”

“At the beginning of the season you don’t have a lot of laughter in the dressing room. Now when we eat it’s like, ‘Come on, please settle’. We are in a good moment, they are fantastic guys, they all like each other, there are a few jokes. Keep this going without getting soft. I don’t want to wait ­until I see it. That’s it.”

Easy Run In For Reds

Liverpool have a favourable run of fixtures to finish the season in the Premier League. They have 10 games left, and only two of those are against top 4 rivals (Man Utd and Chelsea). They will be hoping to take at least 20 points from those matches.

Klopp and Liverpool will surely have their sights set on 2nd now, and their upcoming trip to Old Trafford could be decisive. Liverpool and Utd served up a stinker at Anfield earlier this season, so hopefully we get some fireworks in the return match.