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Mourinho Says He Is Not To Blame For Conte Conflict


One of the big stories in the Premier League in the past few weeks is the Conte vs Mourinho conflict. The two managers have gone toe to toe in a war of words, sparked by Mourinho's ‘clown' comments. Conte responded by calling the Portuguese coach senile.


Mourinho retaliated by bringing up match fixing, words that Conte vowed never to forget. The Chelsea manager labelled Mourinho a ‘little man' and it didn't take long for the Man Utd boss to brush off the comments. He claims it is all a big misunderstanding, and that the clown comment he made initially wasn't referring to Conte.

Mourinho: Media To Blame For Bust Up

When Jose came out with the clown comment it didn't take much deducing to know who he was talking about as he had previous with Conte regarding his touchline antics. Also, it is no coincidence that this all started when Chelsea started pressing Utd for 2nd in the Premier League.

It was prime time for some Jose mind games, but now that the feud has escalated The Special One is backtracking. Speaking to the media he said:

“I was asked about my passion. You know, I was speaking about myself. Then the question to the Chelsea manager was that I said he behaved like a clown. Probably the journalist wanted to say that, but didn’t have the courage. So he said ‘Mourinho said you behaved like a clown'”.

Conte Won't Back Down

Antonio Conte is a fearsome character and he won't be bullied by anyone. Italians are known for their emotional reactions to incidents in games, and Conte has nothing to apologise for. It is refreshing to see passion on the sidelines and goals should always be celebrated.

Also, when Conte says that he will remember exactly what his adversary said, you would certainly believe him. He doesn't seem the type to forgive and forget. Chelsea head to Old Trafford to take on Utd at the end of next month, and there could be fireworks on the sidelines when Conte and Mourinho lock horns.