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Conte And Mourinho Spat Shows No Signs Of Stopping


It is no secret that there is little love lost between Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte. The Italian's enthusiastic celebrations on the touchline for Chelsea's 4th goal in a 4-0 romp at Stamford Bridge last season touched a nerve with Mourinho. Ever since, the relationship between the two has been frosty, to say the very least.


Mourinho was in the news during the week, talking about coaches acting like clowns on the sidelines. Conte took those comments to heart, and he didn't hold back in his response. The saga took a surreal turn when the Man Utd boss blasted back with both barrells after Utd's cup win vs Derby.

Conte On The Attack: Senile

Antonio Conte had some choice words for Jose Mourinho after being informed of his ‘clown' comments. He retaliated:

“I think that he has to see himself in the past. Maybe he was speaking about himself in the past, yeah?”, a possible reference to Mourinho's sideline celebration at Old Trafford when Porto boss.

“Maybe sometimes I think that someone forgets what they said in the past or which is his behaviour. Sometimes I think there is, I don’t know the name, demenza senile. When you are a bit [taps his temple] when you forget what you do in the past.”

Mourinho Responds  With Vicious Counter: Match Fixer

Speaking after his team's 2-0 win vs Derby, Mourinho claimed he wanted a truce with Conte. He said: “The only thing I have to say to end the story is that, yes, I have made mistakes in the past on the touchline. And, yes, I will make less in future. But I will still make a few.”

Perfectly reasonable comments of course, but what followed next was astounding. He continued: “But what never happened to me — and will never happen — is to be suspended for match fixing.” If you thought Donald Trump vs Kim Jong Un was the dispute of the moment forget it. Mourinho vs Conte is where it is at.