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Wenger Shocked By FA Charge After Referee Rant


As we reported earlier this week, Arsene Wenger is far from happy with the standard of refereeing these days. Arsenal have had some questionable decisions go against them and Wenger suggested there might be a conspiracy against The Gunners. The Arsenal boss was again vocal in his criticism of the man in the middle after their 2-2 draw with Chelsea in midweek.

Arsene Wenger

He thought that The Blues were awarded a very soft penalty, even if the replays showed clear contact. He may have had a point after the handball incident vs West Brom, and he is adamant that he doesn't deserve the charges brought against him by the FA.

Wenger Surprised By FA Charge

Wenger was unrepentant when he spoke to the media ahead of Arsenal's FA Cup tie at Forest. He said:

“From what I've heard and seen in tunnels and dressing rooms down the years, I'm surprised and shocked to be charged.”

“Yes I have been asked to clarify my comments and I maintain what I said in the press conference, 100%. Overall, basically nothing has changed. I try to serve this game with honesty and integrity. When I have something to say, I say it.”

“I respect everyone's opinion. I feel it was a yellow card for Hazard. It is my right to have an opinion.”

Harsh Decision

There is no doubt that the handball decision in the WBA match given against Calum Chambers was very harsh. However, the penalty incident in the Chelsea match was justified in our opinion. Hector Bellerin got nowhere near the ball and made contact with Eden Hazard's foot.

The fact that Hazard rolled around holding his shin is probably what irked Wenger. But, that doesn't change the fact it was a foul and a stone wall penalty. Once again, Arsenal look like missing out on a top 4 finish. Wenger's excuses will soon wear thin with the Arsenal faithful, unless results improve dramatically.