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Mourinho Insists He Is Happy At Man Utd And There To Stay


It is amazing the difference a win makes. In his last few press conferences Jose Mourinho cut the figure of a deeply unhappy man. However, one win against Everton later and suddenly he is full of the joys of Spring.

Jose Mourinho

Mourinho is still living a life of solitary luxury in the Lowry Hotel with his family still based in London. However, Jose says he enjoys the lazy lifestyle, and that fans need not worry about his happiness. Mourinho insists that he is loving life in Manchester, and he can see himself staying there for next season at least.

Mourinho: Exit Talk Garbage

Rumours were rife in the last couple of weeks that Mourinho was becoming fed up with life in Manchester. He moved to quell that speculation in his latest press conference, describing it as ‘garbage news'. Mourinho insisted: “I can’t find a better word than garbage to define the [recent] talk.”

“If you want to ask me directly, I see myself next season at Manchester United. I will leave when the club wants me to leave; at the moment I have no intention to leave at all. I want to stay, I don’t see any reason not to stay.”

He continued: “I still have a contract – in fact I am only in the middle of my contract, not in the last couple of months. My desire is to stay until the board and the owners are happy with my work”

“The worst thing about the garbage news is that it puts doubt on my professionalism, and that affects me because it is something I don’t admit.”

Chelsea History

There always seems to be a sting in the tail with Mourinho though. Some Utd fans might not be happy with how he described his relationship with Chelsea. He was quizzed on his emotional connection to Utd and he replied:“The difference between Chelsea and United is that I really belong to Chelsea history.”

“I won three titles there, their first Premier League, cups, lots of things.” If he wants to become a positive part of Utd's history he knows what he has to do…lead them to a Premier League title. With Pep in town that will be easier said than done.