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Wenger Not Expecting A Bus To Be Parked At The Emirates


One of the most bitter rivalries in the Premier League will be renewed at The Emirates on Saturday. Arsenal vs Man Utd is a mere sideshow. The match up that everyone wants to see is Wenger vs Mourinho. There is no shortage of bad blood between these two veteran managers and it'll be fascinating to see what transpires on Saturday. Wenger reckons Utd will be on the front foot at The Emirates and he doesn't think there will be a bus in sight.


Wenger: Utd Will Attack

Arsene Wenger spoke to the press during the week and he is expecting that Man Utd will do more than just defend. When asked if Mourinho will park the bus Wenger replied: “No, Man Utd is a strong team. I expect us just to cope with the problems they will give us. Utd will attack as well. They will not only defend.”

“They are a dangerous team, they have made fantastic results so to beat a team like that you need to be at your best. That’s what I want to focus on.” There is no doubt that Wenger's philosophy is more attack minded than his nemesis. However, Mourinho loves winning vs Wenger and that might influence him to alter his usual approach.

The Utd Way

Man Utd have scored 32 goals this season, second only to Man City who have scored 44. That makes it look as though Mourinho is anything but defensive. However, the majority of those goals have come against weak opposition. Looking at Utd's record against the top 6, especially away from home, tells a different story.

Utd have faced 3 of their 5 main rivals so far this season.They drew 0-0 at Anfield, won 1-0 at home vs Spurs and lost 1-0 at Chelsea. So in three matches they scored 1 goal. That is a poor return, and it shows that in big games Mourinho prefers a cautious approach. Wenger thinks he will change the habit of a lifetime on Saturday, but the reality is he probably won't.