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Dyche Is Right To Continue Building His Dynasty At Burnley


The current catchphrase of the Premier League is ‘It’s all about the money’. The modern game consists of exorbitant transfer fees, ridiculous wages, Bentleys and mansions. It seems that football has now become the spiritual home of avarice. So, it is great to see a down to earth character like Sean Dyche go against the grain and show some loyalty in a game where greed has become the norm.

Sean Dyche

Stood By Their Man

This isn’t just a story of one way loyalty either. After his sacking from his first job at Watford, Dyche led Burnley to the Premier League in his first season. Even though Burnley went straight back down to the Championship after that first season back in the top flight, Dyche retained his job. In a climate where knee jerk sackings are the norm, the Burnley board showed patience and trusted him.

He rewarded Burnley's loyalty by taking them straight back to the Premier League and they stayed up with a bit to spare last season. This term Burnley are 7th in the Premier League, level on points with Liverpool. They are just a solitary point away from a Champions League qualification spot and, if they beat Arsenal on Saturday, they could break into the top 4.

Dyche In Demand

Unsurprisingly, Sean Dyche's name is on everyone's lips whenever a vacancy arises in the Premier League. Everton are the latest club linked with him and some, including Jamie Carragher, think he should take the job. That is if the offer comes, of course. Carragher said: “If he gets offered the Everton job, he has to take it. He has to. Maybe Burnley fans watching this tonight don't want to hear that, but he has to.”

“Sean Dyche won't go to a team in the Champions League in this country. Everton are the next step.” Unfortunately, this is the sort of attitude that prevails in modern football these days. The emphasis is to look after number one and sod everyone else.  It is refreshing that Dyche has gone against popular opinion and looks like staying put. Burnley stood by him after relegation and he is returning the favour, in spades. It is a lesson that other clubs could learn a lot from.