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Best Accumulator Betting Sites UK- Bonuses And Terms Explained

If you’re a seasoned gambler then we’d be pretty confident in saying you’ve placed an accumulator bet. Even if you have placed one of these before, chances are there that there are some phrases or terms that are still unclear. With so many different variations of acca bonuses these days from insurance to boosts, it’s not always easy to know what return you can expect.

If you’ve never placed this type of bet, then it may seem even more daunting. But fret not! We’ve compiled this handy to guide to arm you will all the information you’ll need to go ahead and start placing acca’s with confidence. We’ll cover our favourite sites, which offers bonuses and what each bonus actually means.

The Top Five Betting Sites for Placing Accumulators

What Is an ‘Acca’?

Let’s go through the very basics first. An accumulator, or acca, as it’s more commonly known is a multiple bet in which you pick several selections and place them in one bet. A good betting site will show you all of the odds of your selection combined, and show you your potential winnings when you input a stake. It’s a great way to improve your chances of bagging a decent return if the teams you fancy have short odds. For an acca to win, you need all of your selections to win. Because there is more of a chance of at least one letting you down, especially if you pick a few is why your odds are higher than a single bet.

It’s worth noting, that if you didn’t already know – each of your selections needs to be a different event. Ie you can pick a first goalscorer in a game and a number of goals market from the same game to go in your accumulator. You can with bet builders, but those are separate from accumulators.

We’ll go through all the different types of accumulator bets further down the page and explain exactly how the odds are calculated. You’ll be pleased to know that it’s easier than you might think!

STS Acca Insurance and Accumulator Bets

Ok, now you know what an acca is, but what is acca insurance? In a nutshell, acca insurance is when a bookie gives you your stake back on accumulator if one of your selections lets you down. If a bookie offers this, they will display it in their promotions section – because it is an offer. And one that we really like. It used to be popular with all bookies such as Paddy Power, bet365 and William Hill but it has recently fallen out of favour for one reason or another. We think that it didn’t provide much worth to the bookmakers, as it is effectively money-back if your bet loses.

Each bookie, of course, have their own conditions for the offer. Minimum number of selections, minimum odds and market restrictions apply in most. To give you an idea of how it works in practice, take at the STS offering.

STS 6+ acca, as the name might give away requires you to place a bet with at least six selections. It should be noted that this only includes bets on football and no other sport will qualify you for this offer. Therefore, if you’re looking at an audacious accumulator with many selections, you should definitely consider placing your bet with STS.

Follow these steps in order to be eligible:

  1. Register STS or log into your account
  2. Place a football acca bet between £2 and £250 on six or more football matches pre-match or in-play.
  3. Each selection must be at odds of 3/5 (1.6) or higher.
  4. Get 100% of your stake back as a free bet if one selection lets you down.
  5. Free Bet token expires in seven day

It’s as straight forward as that. It’s worth bearing in mind that as with all promotions, a full set of terms and conditions do apply. Please read the full details to avoid disappointment. If you want to find out more about STS, including their top welcome offer – find out all you need to know with our review.


Betfair Accumulators and Acca Edge

Betfair is go-to for a lot of players, not only because they’ve been around for some time, but have an excellent sportsbook. You’ll find odds on tons of different sporting events, especially on the Premier League. As mentioned in the acca insurance, it was something that Betfair offered a while back, but they’ve tweaked it slightly and now call it ‘Acca Edge’. This is exclusive to Betfair so bear that in mind if you’re looking for similar offers on other sites.

Betfair ‘Acca Edge’ is effectively the same as acca insurance with one key difference: they give themselves the edge. Ok, that doesn’t sound very positive but it is exactly what the offer is. We said above that the insurance wasn’t worthwhile for bookies as they were paying out on losing bets. What Betfair do, is give you the chance to buy insurance.

It’s more straight forward than it sounds. Let’s take an example with a three-fold accumulator. You stake £10 on Chelsea, Brighton and Wolves all to win and the combined odds come to 5/1 (6.0). All of those selections now must land for you to win, however, you will be offered ‘Acca Edge’. Betfair will display the 5/1 (6.0) odds and the ‘Acca Edge’ odds which will be lower, say 4/1 (5.0). For this to win, you still need all selections to win, but if one loses you’ll get your stake back. The downside is that if your bet wins with the ‘Acca Edge’ odds, your profit is £10 less than it would be, which is why we said you buy the insurance.

It’s interesting for sure, and on mega accumulators, it’s definitely worth looking into. In saying that, make sure that you’re are still getting value with the odds.


William Hill Football Accumulator Bet Boost

One of our recommended bookmakers, William Hill is a well-known and hugely respected brand both by its competitors and punters. They offer a huge range of markets and as such, you thousands to pick from to put in your acca. On top of that, you can place a wide variety of different accumulator bets (we’ll go through these further down), including Yankees, lucky 15’s etc. However, they go one step further than most of the ‘Bet Boost’. You may think this is a simple enhanced odds promotion and it sort of is but in unique to accumulators. Note that this will not apply to horse racing or greyhound bets as they have a separate ‘Bet Boost’. That means that none of the selections in your bet slip can be on those, or it won’t qualify.

The coolest thing about this offer, in our opinion, is that you get to take advantage of one a day! So you can enjoy a nice boost whenever you fancy one, and there are very few restrictions.

How To Claim The William Hill ‘Bet Boost’

  1. Add three or more qualifying selections to your bet slip
  2. Apply your stake (Max. £20 or £20 each way)
  3. Tap the ‘Bet Boost’ button in your bet slip
  4. Confirm it by placing the bet when prompted
  5. Enjoy your boost

And that’s it. This way you can pick the accumulator you want, and guarantee yourself value with a boost. Compared with the STS acca insurance offer, you only need to add three selections which makes it a little easier. The more selections you add of course, the greater the boost.

As with all offers, there are terms and conditions tied in. Here are the key terms, but check the full ones to make sure nothing will catch you out:

William Hill Bet Boost Significant Terms

  • One bet boost per day
  • Available on desktop and mobile
  • Minimum three selections, maximum 25
  • Bets using a free bet do not qualify
  • On each way bets – only the win part will be boosted


Unibet Offer Extra Winnings on Accumulators

We’ve covered acca insurance, acca edge, and a bet boost but there’s still one accumulator bonus that we’ve not touched on – boosted winnings. Again, the popularity of this type of promotion has dwindled lately, particularly in the UK market. Similarly to acca insurance, we think this has something to do with it being a ‘money for nothing offer’ An acca winning’s boost gives you extra winnings when you land an accumulator. This is another offer that we’re big fans of.

The winnings boost is usually determined by the number of picks in your acca with three the likely minimum. Unibet are one of the few betting sites that still offer a fantastic version of this so we’v picked them out for our example. Here’s what extra winnings you will receive:

  • 3-fold acca – 5% profit boost
  • 4-fold acca – 10% profit boost
  • 5+-fold acca – 15% profit boost

This extra amount is added on to all of your accumulator bets, and you don’t have to opt-in to take advantage. It will simply be added to your winnings in cash! Therefore you receive the boost as normal withdrawal winnings, with no wagering requirements. You should note that only football bets count and only on pre-event markets. In-play bets do not qualify.

How to Claim the Unibet Multi-Boost

  1. Add a pre-match acca (min odds 1/5 (1.2) per selection, and max stake £25)
  2. Tick the profit boost box from the drop-down in your bet slip
  3. Get a boost of up to £1,000 if your bet wins

There are again full terms for this offer.


Football Betting Accumulators Explained

If you’ve read this far, then you already know that there is more to accumulators than you might have thought. On top of all the promotions that go with acca’s, placing the bets without offers can be just as much fun.

We’ll look at straight accumulators only in this page. There are more variation with ‘system bets’, but it’s best to know the basics before you have a crack at those.

  • 2 – Double
  • 3- Treble
  • 4 – 4 Fold
    5 – 5 Fold
  • And so on.

Basically anything above three selections is simply called a x fold. For these to come in each selection in your acca must win.

How to calculate the odds of an accumulator bet

Accumulator bets are simply the odds of each selection multiplied by each other. If you’ve never thought about it before (as many haven’t!) then it is likely a more simple calculation than you imagined, and completely logical.

It’s best to show this with a simple example:

You want to place a £10 bet and have selected the following for your treble:

  • Liverpool to win at 1/1 (2.0)
  • Manchester City to win at 5/4 (2.25)
  • Chelsea to win at 2/1 (3.0)

To calculate your winnings, its easiest to use the decimal version:

Stake x pick one x pick two x pick three

Therefore in this example your calculation is: 10 x 2 x 2.25 x 3 = 135

You will receive £135 in your betting account if all three of those teams win. It is as simple as that, there are no tricks that bookies use to calculate these. The combined odds in a bet slip show this in the quickest way and you can even insert a stake to show you your potential winnings.

Live Betting Accumulator Bets – Can you Place Them?

You absolutely can! In fact, you may even bet getting better value with bets that are in-play. Check out our handy guide on live betting to get to grips with it, as it can be well worth, especially if you know what to look for.

All our recommended best football betting sites offer in-play betting as an option, so you can pick any of those to play with. Odds in-play fluctuate so much that you will likely need to act fast when placing these. In saying that, this is where the value can be. For example, if Liverpool go behind in a game although they started as odds on favourites, their odds will drift if the opposition score first. So you do start with a disadvantage (ie being behind) but if you think that Liverpool will go on to win the game, you’ll get much better odds than you would have before kick-off.

Cash-out also comes into things here. If your in-play acca is looking great, but one of your selections is coming under threat – you can cash your bet out to bag yourself profit without having to wait until the bet has won or lost. Of course, cash-out is a little bit more complicated than that, so if you’re not sure – check out cash-out page here.

When placing an in-play acca, you can also have pre-match selections, so you don’t need to feel restricted. We like a combination of in-play and pre-match picks, so choose whatever takes your fancy.

22Bet in-play

What is the bet365 Edit Bet Feature?

This is tied in with the in-play section, well sort of. It will only apply when one of your selections matches gets underway and is in-play, although you could have a full acca of pre-match selections. Let’s say you have a 5-fold acca on and three of the matches are underway. Two look like they will come in but one is a lost cause. This would mean that your acca will lose, without the second two-legs having played. In step, bet365. They offer a super cool ‘edit bet’ feature. This allows you remove the selection you think will lose, and replace it with another. Of course, there are restrictions, and you’ll get nowhere near as good a value as you would without having done this. The mathematics behind this can be quite complex, but it should still be considered value if it would have otherwise lost.

Placing Acca Bets on Mobile Apps

Many online bookmakers are taking a mobile-first approach lately, so it’s no surprise that these have improved dramatically. Some newer bookies such as MoPlay have such a huge focus on mobile that many of their features are available only on their app or mobile site. This is handy for bettors as you can place a bet wherever you are, or when is most convenient for you, be it when you’re travelling to work or at a game.

You’ll be able to place an acca bet with all the best football betting sites seamlessly and take advantage of an odds calculator etc. as well. Your odds will be clearly displayed and all the bonuses that we’ve discussed won’t be affected by placing your bet on mobile.

Accumulator Bets, Bonuses, And Best Sites Summary

So that’s it! Everything you need to know about placing accumulators, what they are and what bonuses are on offer. The best betting sites will offer at least some kind of acca offer, but if there’s something in particular that you’re interested in such as Betfair's ‘Acca Edge’ then sign-up with them to take advantage. Or why not sign-up with a new bookie and take advantage of a welcome offer to get you going? There’s more to sports betting than meets the eye so it’s handy to know what terms mean in order bet more wisely. Check out all our handy guides and tip pages to give you the edge over the bookies. Wherever you place your next bet – good luck!


Accumulator Bets – Frequently Asked Questions

⚡Q: How are accumulator odds calculated?

A: It’s simply the odds of each selection multiplied by each other. This will give you the combined odds for your acca. To work out potential returns, simply x the combined odds by your stake. Check further up the page for an example.

✅ Q: What does a 5-fold accumulator mean?

A: It means that you have picked five selections for your accumulator. Therefore, you must correctly bet on each of the five outcomes in order to receive a return.

⚽Q: Are Accumulator bets used for football?

A: Yes, they are. They are very common bets in fact. Accumulator bets give you the chance to add several picks to one bet, providing greater odds and therefore potentially more winnings. Read more about accumulator bets above.