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Cash Out – How It Works And Best Cash Out Betting Sites for Football

Cash out is a modern development that gives bettors additional control over their money. In the internet gaming era, it has become a hugely popular tool on football and other major sports. In the last few years, most online betting sites have introduced cash out into their sportsbook operations.

You’ve probably heard the term “cash out” before, even if you’re a recreational bettor but how does it work? What markets does it apply to and how do free bets and bookmaker promotions impact cash out? That’s what we’re looking to explain on this page together with the best betting sites for using the cash out tool.

Top 5 Cash Out Betting Sites In The UK

Having the option to cash out on a range of markets and sports is a key consideration of our top-rated betting sites. It offers customers a level of control over their live bets that would have been impossible in years gone by. Here are our top five cash out betting sites in the UK.

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Paddy Power's Football Betting Options

Paddy Power are one of the most high-profile online betting sites. They’re a forward-thinking company and were one of the first to develop cash out technology. This is now available on many of their top sports, including dozens of football markets. Partial cash out is also in place, allowing bettors to leave part of their stake running at the original odds.

They have one of the top-rated mobile apps for sports betting. Available on Apple and Android devices, it boasts cash out functionality as well as additional security features, live streaming and much more. Paddy Power are a great option for betting on football and other sports. Check out our full Paddy Power review for what to expect as a punter.

What Does Cash Out Mean In Betting?

The term “cash out” has emerged in recent years. As online betting sites have evolved, it has become of the most popular features available. Cash out refers to a punter securing a return on an unsettled bet before it has reached a conclusion. This can be on a single bet or multiple legs within the same selection. Depending on which betting site you use, it can be available on a range of markets.

Bookmakers will offer a value based on the current situation. If a bettor would rather take that amount and cut the bet short, then they can do so. Once cashed out, the bet is essentially settled. No further developments will impact the returns. The money will be returned to your account immediately, whether the event is pre-match or in-play.

How Does Cash Out Work?

Cash out is a calculation based on the updated odds and original stake of the bet in question. This can apply to match markets, accumulators or ante-post selections. Betting sites will calculate the current odds of a bet winning and that will influence the cash out offer. This applies whether the original selections look more or less likely compared to the time of placement.

Because this works both ways, a cash out offer won’t always offer a profit on a bet. If the odds are now bigger than when the wager was made, the cash out value could be less than the original stake. In this instance, there’s still the option to secure a return, even if it is overall loss.

What Is Partial Cash Out?

Originally, cash out offered a single value for each available bet. The customer could either take the amount or let the bet continue at the original price and odds. Once something was cashed out, the bet is essentially settled. Now, several betting sites have introduced partial cash out.

The likes of bet365 and Paddy Power have a slider in their cash out menu which allows the bettor to pick how much of their bet to take a return from. It’s now possible to take a portion of a selection's stake and potential profit. This locks in a return while still leaving some of the original wager in place. Such a flexible approach puts even more power in the hands of punters. Being able to leave a portion of the bet to run can be highly appealing when combined with reducing some liability.

Betting Sites Will Add A Margin Onto The Current Value Of Your Selections

Although cash out gives bettors another level of control over selected bets, it’s important to remember there is often a premium placed on the offer. When betting sites set their odds, they will include some margin. The implied probabilities of all outcomes based on the prices won’t add up to exactly 100%. This is standard practice. It allows betting sites to have a supposed “house edge” the same way that casinos do on certain games like roulette.

The same can be true of the cash out option. The offer that’s made available to the bettor will be based upon the current odds but can have margin built in. Cash out is a great tool to have on your side, but it’s important to know the mechanics behind how the values are being produced.


Take A Return From Your Football Bets

Football is one of the most popular sports for many online betting sites, especially in the UK. Millions of people will place wagers on events such as the Premier League, Champions League. There are international competitions like the World Cup or European Championships too. Cash out allows fans of the beautiful game to settle their football bets early. As the best betting sites have developed their cash out tools, more and more markets have been added. It’s not available on every outcome of course, some games can have over 200 different markets to choose from, but the options are increasing all the time.

Are Accumulators Included?

One of the best uses of cash out can be on when dealing with accumulator bets. Many bettors will know the heartbreak of your multiple being let down by the final selection.  Having the option to cash out means this can be avoided, albeit without taking the full return. If you’re not confident in the last pick or simply would rather lock in a profit.

What About Ante-Post or Season-Long Bets?

This will depend on which betting site you use. Some bookmakers will offer cash out on ante-post and season-long bets, but others might not. Popular markets like League Winner and Relegation are usually available to cash out on. It’s worth noting that bets involving these options will likely show as suspended when matches that impact the outright market are ongoing. This is a similar situation to the way major match events will see all betting suspended until the situation is clear and the odds have been adjusted.

Cash Out On Mobile Betting Apps

Placing bets on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets is now commonplace. Being in front of a computer is no longer required to get access to the latest odds and bookmaker offers. Our top-rated betting apps have cash out built-in, meaning you can get access to your wagers at the touch of a button.

Cash Out Can Impact Bonuses On Online Betting Sites

If you’re thinking of using the cash out function, it’s important to understand how this affects promotions with betting sites and apps. Because cash out allows bettors to secure a return before the event gets underway, it’s often excluded from certain welcome bonuses, free bets or promotions. If this is the case, it will be fully explained the bookmakers’ terms and conditions. This is to safeguard against bonus abuse where customers claim further benefits while cashing out on qualifying wagers, leading to guaranteed profit or a risk-free play.

Welcome Bonuses Have Exclusions

Often a welcome bonus with a betting site requires a new customer to place a bet in order to receive a bonus or free bets in return. In this instance, these wagers may be excluded from cash out. If this wasn’t the case, bettors could open a new account with the sportsbook in question, place their bets, get benefits of doing so and then cash out the original wagers. Be sure to check out the relevant terms and conditions regarding this before making any bets. You'll find the cash out availability together with factors like what counts as a qualifying bet, any payment method exclusions, wagering requirements or time limits associated with the offer.

Are Free Bets Available To Cash Out?

Usually any wagers funded either fully or partially by free bets aren’t available to cash out. They are treated differently to bets where the stake is real money. They may show in the cash out area of a betting site but will be suspended until the bet has reached a conclusion. The reason for this is because if free bets could be cashed in, even excluding the original stake, bettors could make a profit without the need for any risk.


Cash Out On Football, Horse Racing, Golf and More

Although football is one of the main sports where cash out can come in handy, it’s been developed for many different events. Betting sites will run live or in-play betting on dozens of different sports and thousands of events every week. Many of these will also have cash out enabled for bets made with real money. Multiple and single bets on golf, horse racing, cricket and more are eligible with our top-rated betting sites.

Many online bookmakers will show what’s available with a cash out symbol next to the markets in question. This way, you’ll know where you can use it before making any picks. Alternatively, simply click on the cash out menu and you’ll find all the available options based on the current state of play.

Cash Out Adds To The Live Betting Experience

Because cash out is available while events are being played, it factors into the options available when live betting. The option to make a return from your bets can exist throughout a football match or other sporting event. It's no longer to let them reach a conclusion. This applies to wagers placed either before the game or in-play.

Summary – Cash Out

Cash out is a tool that has been developed by online betting sites in the last few years. It gives customers a chance to take a return from their outstanding bets before they reach a conclusion. The cash out offer will depend on the updated odds since the original bet was made. It’s also possible there is some bookmaker margin included in any cash out value being displayed.

Many popular markets are available to cash out as well as multiple bets such as accumulators on selected sports. While the tool gives bettors another level of control, it’s important to know if cashing out a wager will impact on any free bets or promotions.

Cash-out – Frequently Asked Questions

✅ Q: What Does Cash Out Mean?

A: Cash-out is a tool that allows bettors to guarantee a return from their bets. This can either be for a profit or a loss. What’s available will depend on the current status of your bet and whether the odds have since moved in your favour or not.

⚡Q: Which Betting Sites Have Cash Out?

A: Cash-out is now a regular feature of many online betting sites and apps. The best bookmakers will offer cash out on a range of popular markets, including football. bet365, Paddy Power and Betfair are just some of the options available. Our review section covers what you can expect from our top-rated betting sites.

❌ Q: Why Is Cash Out Suspended?

A: There could be multiple reasons for cash out being suspended. One could be because there has been a significant event in one or more of the events included in the bet. Goals, red cards or VAR reviews will see betting suspended and cash out will follow. Another reason for it being unavailable is if the value is too low for a return to be offered by the bookmaker.

⚽ Q: Where Can I Find Cash Out On Betting Sites?

A: Usually, there will be a specific “Cash Out” section where any offers will be listed. Alternatively, the “My Bets” area of a mobile betting site or app will display any cash-out opportunities.