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Cash Out – How It Works And Best Cash Out Betting Sites for Football

You’ve probably heard the term “cash out” before, but how does it work? And how can you use it to your benefit?

That’s what we’re looking to explain on this page together with the best betting sites for using the cash out tool.

Top 4 Cash Out Betting Sites In The UK

Having the option to cash out on a range of markets and sports is a key consideration of our top-rated betting sites.

It offers customers a level of control over their live bets that would have been impossible in years gone by. That's why these are our top five cash out betting sites in the UK.

What Does Cash Out Mean In Betting?

Cash out refers to a punter securing a return on an unsettled bet before it has reached a conclusion. This can be on a single bet or multiple legs within the same selection.

Bookmakers will offer a value based on the current situation. If a bettor would rather take that amount and cut the bet short, then they can do so.

Once accepted, the bet is essentially settled. The money will be returned to your account immediately, whether the event is pre-match or in-play.

How Does Cash Out Work?

Cash out is a calculation based on the updated odds and original stake of the bet in question. This can apply to match markets, accumulators or ante-post selections. Betting sites will calculate the current odds of a bet winning and that will influence the offer amount.

This works both ways. A cash out offer won’t always offer a profit on a bet. If the odds are now bigger than when the wager was made, the cash out value could be less than the original stake.

In this instance, there’s still the option to secure a return, even if it is an overall loss.

Cash Out Calculator

As mentioned, if used wisely cash out can be an excellent tool for bettors. But how are the odds calculated?

Cash out value = potential winnings/current odds

In reality – it’s as simple as that. To work how reasonable the cash out value you are being offered do the above sum. If the bookie is cutting a huge amount off it, then it’s not good value at all.

In saying that, if you still make a profit that you’re happy with then go for it. And if you let your bet run, regardless of how safe it looks, nothing is guaranteed in sport.

Betting Sites Add An Extra Margin

It’s important to remember there is often a premium placed on the offer. When betting sites set their odds, they will include some margin.

The implied probabilities of all outcomes based on the prices won’t add up to exactly 100%. This is standard practice. It allows betting sites to have a supposed “house edge“.

The same can be true of the cash out option. The offer that’s made available to the bettor will be based upon the current odds but can have margin built-in.

What is a Cash Out Bet?

The best way to describe cash out betting scenarios is with examples.

Bet One Example

Bet One: £10 on Liverpool to beat Manchester United at odds of EVS (2.0)

After 45 minutes, Liverpool are 2-0 ahead. This is great for your bet, and you look set to bag a £20 return. With 45 minutes of football left to play, however, there is always a chance that your bet won’t win. In steps cash out.

Bookies may offer you a cash out value. In this case, it would be relatively close to the full £20 as the odds-on Liverpool winning now have been cut to 1/4 (1.25). Your early payout offer should be around the £16 mark.

Your Options

Accept the cash out offer and guarantee yourself a £6 profit. Sacrificing potentially £4 more.

Decline the offer and take the risk into the second half. If your bet goes on to win, take the full £10 profit.

If you don’t take the offer, and early during the second half Manchester United score to make it 2-1; bear in mind your cash out early payout offer will drop. If Liverpool’s odds increase to say 1/2 (1.5) – the offer would then be around £13.

Conversely, the offer will rise above £16 the longer the match goes on.

Bet Two Example

Bet Two: £10 on Manchester United to beat Liverpool at odds of 2/1 (3.0)

Under the same circumstances as bet one, Manchester United are 2-0 down at half-time. Doesn’t look great for your bet. United are now pushed out to 10/1 (11.0) for the win. A bookie will likely offer you a cash out option here, which in this case would be around the £1 mark.

Your Options

Accept the offer and cut your losses. You’ll end up losing only £9 instead of £10 if United go on to lose.

Decline the offer and risk losing the full £10. Of course, if United turn things around you still have the chance of getting a £30 return.

The key here is if you think your bet will go. It's completely up to you to accept or decline the offer. In saying that, there are 45 minutes left to play, and if United score first – the cash out offer will increase.

Bet Three Example

Bet Three: £10 on Liverpool to beat Manchester United at odds of EVS (2.0)

Let's go back to the original bet, but this time the half time score is 0-1 to Manchester United. Liverpool's odds have been pushed out now to 6/1 (7.0) as they need to score at least twice.

The bookie offers the punter a £3 cash out offer which is accepted. The bettor receives £3 back making a £7 loss.

However, Liverpool go on to win the match 2-1. Instead of making a £10 profit, by cashing out too early, this punter has made a loss. It's important to remember that once a bet is cashed out, it is settled regardless of the eventual outcome. So, you should keep that in mind before accepting an offer.

Why is Cash Out Suspended?

There are a number of reasons why this could be. Firstly, remember that these events are being traded live in-play.

Therefore, as events in the game change, the odds change, and so does cash out offer.

If a penalty or free-kick is waiting to be taken then you will not be able to make use of the feature. Similarly, if a goal is scored or a red card is shown, you may need to wait several minutes for the market to settle. This is common across all betting sites as clearly those can have an impact on odds.

There is also the possibility that the return on offer is too low, and not worth it for the bookmaker to even offer it. If it is suspended for a long-time, then it’s worth getting in touch with your bookie.

Furthermore, not all events are eligible for the cash out feature.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cash Out

✅ Take a payout without having to wait for the event to be over

✅ Could reduce losses

⭐ Could earn a profit on a bet that goes on to lose

❌ Take less money than you could have won

❌ Not getting great value with margins built-in

Cash Out Betting Tips

Although the feature sounds straight forward, there are a few things to consider. We would say that the key is your mindset. Profit is profit at the end of the day, so if you’re happy with the offer we say take it.

When to Take The Offer

There are no guarantees when it comes to cash out. You either take the offer, or you don’t. It adds an extra element to your betting experience, and it’s a feature that we really rate it. In all cases we would suggest you consider:

  • Time in match
  • Is the result looking certain?
  • Are you happy with the offer?

You should be able to answer those quickly. Cash out offers are always changing in line with the latest odds, so if you do like the look of an offer – don’t delay!

Different Variations

Partial Cash Out

The likes of bet365 and Paddy Power have a slider which allows the bettor to pick how much of their bet to take a return from.

It’s now possible to take a portion of a selection's stake and potential profit. This locks in a return while still leaving some of the original wager in place.

Auto Cash Out

Instead of checking your bet every so often, if you have an amount in mind that you be happy to win – set it. This way, when the cash out offer reaches the value you have, it will automatically do it for you.

Betting Sites With Cash Out & Partial Cash Out

Site Cash Out Partial Cash Out
Paddy Power
William Hill


All of our recommended sites offer great variations of this cool feature. Partial cash out is an interesting addition giving you more control over your bets.

Paddy Power Cash Out

Paddy Power are a forward-thinking company and were one of the first to develop the cash out technology.

This is now available on many of their top sports, including dozens of football markets.

Partial cash out is also in place, allowing bettors to leave part of their stake running at the original odds. Check out our full Paddy Power review for what to expect as a punter.


William Hill Cash Out

Another of our recommended sites that make excellent use of cash out is William Hill. You’ll be able to use it on many of your bets, especially football ones.

Eligible bets are clearly shown in the bet slip so you’ll never have to miss a payout hunting for it.

One of the reasons we rate the William Hill cash out feature is because of it’s value. Bookies always add a ‘house edge’ into odds. The same is true for cash out.

In our experience, William Hill tends to be generous with this and punters are usually getting a pretty good deal. Find out more about why William Hill is one of our most highly rated bookmakers.

Take An Early Return on Football Bets

Cash out allows fans of the beautiful game to settle their football bets early.

As the best betting sites have developed this feature, more and more markets have been added. It’s not available on every outcome, of course, some games can have over 200 different markets to choose from, but the options are increasing all the time.

Are Accumulators Included?

One of the best uses of cash out can be on when dealing with accumulator bets. Many bettors will know the heartbreak of your multiple being let down by the final selection.

Having the option to get paid out early means this can be avoided, albeit without taking the full return. If you’re not confident in the last pick or simply would rather lock in a profit.

What About Ante-Post or Season-Long Bets?

This will depend on which betting site you use. Some bookmakers will offer cash out on ante-post and season-long bets, but others might not.

Popular markets like League Winner and Relegation are usually available to cash out on.

It’s worth noting that bets involving these options will likely show as suspended when matches that impact the outright market are ongoing.

Bear in mind that all of our recommended sites comply with the highest industry standards promoting responsible gambling. They promote several sites that are there to help you keep your gambling fun such as GamCare. Please gamble responsibly.

Cash Out On Mobile Betting Apps

Placing bets on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets is now commonplace. Being in front of a computer is no longer required to get access to the latest odds and bookmaker offers.

Our top-rated betting apps have cash out built-in, meaning you can get access to your wagers at the touch of a button.

Impact On Bonuses

If you’re thinking of using the cash out function, it’s important to understand how this affects promotions with betting sites and apps.

Because cash out allows bettors to secure a return before the event gets underway, it’s often excluded from certain welcome bonuses, free bets, or promotions.

Do Free Bets Qualify?

Usually, any wagers funded either fully or partially by free bets aren’t available to cash out. They are treated differently to bets where the stake is real money.


Live Betting Experience with Cash Out

Because cash out is available while events are being played, it factors into the options available when live betting.

The option to make a return from your bets can exist throughout a football match or other sporting event. It's no longer to let them reach a conclusion. This applies to wagers placed either before the game or in-play.

Cash Out Summary

Many popular markets are available to cash out as well as multiple bets such as accumulators on selected sports. While the tool gives bettors another level of control, it’s important to know if cashing out a wager will impact on any free bets or promotions.

Why not check out one of our top sites and discover this cool feature at it's best?

Cash Out Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does cash out mean?

A: Cash-out is a tool that allows bettors to guarantee a return from their bets. This can either be for a profit or a loss. What’s available will depend on the current status of your bet and whether the odds have since moved in your favour or not.

Q: Which betting sites have cash out?

A: The best bookmakers will offer cash out on a range of popular markets, including football. bet365, Paddy Power and Betfair are just some of the options available. Our review section covers what you can expect from our top-rated betting sites.

Q: Why is cash out suspended?

A: There could be multiple reasons for cash out being suspended. One could be because there has been a significant event in one or more of the events included in the bet.

Goals, red cards or VAR reviews will see betting suspended and cash out will follow. Another reason for it being unavailable is if the value is too low for a return to be offered by the bookmaker.

Q: Where can I find cash out on betting sites?

A: Usually, there will be a specific “Cash Out” section where any offers will be listed. Alternatively, the “My Bets” area of a mobile betting site or app will display any cash-out opportunities.